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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Knitted Christmas Angels

What a day, its pouring with rain now and so dark, I will have to have the light on to do the Christmas cards, I did so well yesterday by wrapping and sending all the presents that needed sending.
Today I bring you my Knitted Christmas Angels, its a very old pattern, which came from a ladies magazine, but it was so long ago I cant remember which magazine they came from.
They are all different in some ways, they are knitted with white cotton thread on number 12 needles. One has blue beads around the base, wings, collar and the halo. The halos are 30 beads on thread and then knotted and then glued onto the hair which is embroidery thread.
Another one has a halo of mixed coloured beads and another one had gold beads. They are all glued onto strong card and then have cotton ball heads. It took me at least three nights to knit each one, they are not difficult but its just a fiddly in parts.
I went to the doctor today and I have been signed off for 4 weeks in hope that the hospital will get their finger out and get the scan done. I had another bad night with no sleep after 3am, even though I took 2 painkillers at 3am the pain still did not ease off. I am on a fat free diet so far its not been easy, I expect as I get used to the diet it will become easier. There are so many things that you would not think had any fat in, so its a question of reading labels.
I hope you are keeping well, do not have any snow yet.
In the meantime of seeing you again as you pass by my blog take care and keep warm.


  1. Hi Margaret, These Angels are beautiful, really lovely keepsakes......sorry you had a bad night, just hope it all settles to get you through Christmas at least....the weather here is very cold, bright and rainy...lol....we are supposed to get frost and snow, fingers crossed I say...am off to see Mia in concert tonight, can't wait....take care hun.xxxx

  2. What beautiful angels, they look as if they took ages to do and lots of patience... I hope you get your pain under control soon, a few flurries of snow this afternoon but just very cold and frosty now

  3. wow these are beautiful margaret.so pretty and detailed.i hope you manage to get a little pain relief soon.

    xx coops xx

  4. Your Angels are really sweet and I hope that you feel better soon!


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