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Friday, 8 April 2011

Just a few more Earrings


On this most beautiful day here in Somerset, not a cloud in the sky for the third day and its quite hot around 20 degrees, I hope this is not all the summer we are going to have and it lasts for the whole spring and summer.

Today I bring you just a few pairs of earrings that I have made during this week. the first picture is a pattern called Sheilas Earrings in Lizbeth thread no 20 called Sea Shell.

These are in the same thread and called Cymbinum orchid Earrings. I have put a pale pink pearl in the middle and I still like using the pearls in the middle of these instead of a small bead.

These are the same pattern but I have used a new thread Altin Basak Turkish thread number 3053 the colours are pink, blue and white very pale shades but perfect for a summer wedding.

These are again the same pattern but in yellow and a cream pearl in the middle the thread is anchor no 20 yellow.

By visiting some of the tatting blogs I follow I see that many tatters have had some wonderful International tatting days, I was at home but I did do some tatting and knitting. We don't have a park or cafes near for me to go and sit and tat. Tatters all around the world were able to find somewhere to show their craft to the public. Perhaps next year I will be well enough to get out and about and find a cafe to sit and tat.

I am afraid that's it for today. From now on I am unemployed I was officially made redundant yesterday, they sent me details of a few jobs within the group of company's but nothing suited me, they were for full time and I work part time, one was for a man as there was a works van and tool kit, as I am not a DIY person they might have had a man to go around behind me putting anything I did right. Somehow I don't think they would have kept in that job very long. The jobs were all miles away and too far for me to drive and with the cost of petrol, it was not worth it, so today I am unemployed. At least I can concentrate on getting better, I still don't know when my op will be but with the gorgeous weather we have at the moment I can sit in the garden and knit.

I have knitted the baby cardie and little hat and I have another one to do plus I now have a basket to line for the baby things to be put in. I think I am going to busy for a while yet. Plus I am knitting a lace cloth my fingers are never still.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather while we have it.

In the meantime take care




  1. Hi, Margaret, These are all so sweet! You have patience - I get antsy tatting little earrings - that's why I do so few of them!

    Love that Altin Basak thread . Very pretty. Do you like working with it? Compared to Lizbeth?
    Fox : )

    p.s. Redundant is such an...uncomfortable, rather insulting word. I am sorry.

  2. hi margaret, your work is beautiful, i wish i could sit with you and learn to tat.

    try not to worry about work, just get well first then start looking for something you will enjoy.

    hugs suzanne x

  3. Hi Margaret, These are so beautiful, very very pretty, never see anything like this for sale, you should do well with them.....take care now.xx

  4. these are very beautiful margaret.i love how intricate they are and very pretty colours.
    you take care and a new job will be waiting when you are well :D

    xx coops xx

  5. The earings are lovely and I hope your warm weather continues!

  6. these are fab margaret,enjoy the sunshine and i am sure when you are better the perfect job will be waiting for you,x

  7. Hi Margaret! Your tatting is lovely. I have a penpal in Australia and she came to America a year ago and taught me how to tat...well, she gave it her best shot! I love the look of tatting, but don't have the patience for it. I think it's because crocheting comes so easy to me. I've been crocheting since about the age of 10 and just completely fell in love with it! Your cards are so beautiful...how lucky is the receiver of one of them. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope your surgery goes very well...I'll keep you in my prayers for complete and speedy recovery!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention how MUCH I also love Lily of the Valleys! I just planted some pink roots in my flower bed and can't wait for them to break forth!


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