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Monday, 9 May 2011

Antique Hankerchief, Tatted Crosses and Butterflies in New Thread


Well the sun is shining at the moment but we have had a lot of showers today and some have been heavy. If you are wondering where the sun and the beautiful weather has gone. Vernon has brought me a lovely chair to sit in the garden while I am ill. He collected it on Friday yes that's when the weather broke. He brought it from Focus, but they were out of stock in the meantime the chair came in and someone in the store sold it to someone else. I was angry at that moment but the salesman said that since Wednesday they were in administration and he was unable to order any more, but I could have the display chair. Its a lovely padded chair to relax in, I think there is also another reason from November he will be retired so what will he be doing next summer sitting in the sun on the Patio in my chair, while I go to work, that is if I find another job. Hopefully the sun will come back and I will be able to use my chair in the sun.
These photos are a handkerchief that I found in my draw, the tatted edging was tatted by an old Aunt who used to come and stay with my fathers parents when I was very small girl, she said when I was older she would teach me tatting........ she died before she did, I have told you about her before in the post "How I started tatting 16.2.11". These two handkerchiefs were tatted by her and are at least 50 years old. They have not been used for many years, and I have washed them, ironed them and put them back in the draw.

This beautiful thread was some of the thread sent to me by Fox of tat-ology this thread is by Lizbeth and is called Countryside no 20 I really love this colour way.

Also she sent this thread also by Lizbeth called Falling Leaves, they are both lovely to tat with and I have already put the name down for my next order of thread.

This thread was sent to me as a sample from Roseground

This is also Lizbeth called Grape Pizzaz no 40, a lovely combination of colours, another one to keep in mind when ordering in the future. I thought I might also make some orchid earrings with this thread. I will post when I have make some.

Last but not forgotten this thread is Flora made in Bulgaria, I found this thread hard and not as soft to work with here I made the same cross and and a small one from the rest of the thread on the shuttle. This is a pair of my orchid earrings I made with it and used Chinese crystal beads in the middle.

The cross and butterfly pattern are both by Mary Konior.

I hope today's post is interesting and you have enjoyed visiting my blog, I am sorry I still have no news about my pending op, and the last couple of weeks I have not been feeling very good and had a lot of pain. With the NHS today you have to be half dead before they do anything, so its just a case of waiting. I have by a stoke of luck got my appointment for physio on my neck and arm brought forward, I have a buckled disc and it looks as if its causing more problems, my left arm is continually cold and painful, I cannott lift it or use it very well. Frome Hospital rang me up last week and said that I was waiting too long for an appointment for physio and that they would take it over and do it, so I am hopefully going on Wednesday afternoon. I will let you know how I get on.

Well I hope the purchase of my chair does not change the weather too much and the beautiful weather we had comes back, in the meantime I hope you are well and take care




  1. what a lovely interesting post Margaret.... I did think that your Aunt would have made these hankies more than 50 years ago if it was your Dad's parents she was visiting.......super colours on the other threads and I hope all goes well with your physio

  2. I love these hankies, they remind me of my Mum, she used to do them for my sisters, I like the crosses too.
    Kevin xx

  3. It is really nice to get some sun we have a lot of it love the hankies and the tatting the colours are glorious! hope you feel better soon.

  4. beautiful tatting margaret,love the colours of your threads.
    i hope the sun comes out so you can enjoy your new garden chair :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Absolutely stunning work! xx Jenny xx

  6. absolutely gorgeous as always, sorry i have not had time to reply to your lovely message on my blog. You are most welcome to make a donation, although you could easily gain a card and save time making one. email me if you want to discuss furthet :)


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