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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st May, lilly of the Valley Day, Rain rain go away


Convallaria Majallis,   or Lilly of the Valley,   in France it is a tradition to buy Lilly of the Valley today.  I love Lilly of the Valley and had some in my wedding bouquet (Silk as it was August).
Lilly of the Valley was the floral emblem of Yugoslavia and is the national flower of Finland in 1967.
It is also associated with the virgin goddess of spring Ostara in German mythology.
Lilly of the Valley are highly poisonous woodland flowering plant found in the cool temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere,  in Europe and Asia.
In the Language of Flowers it signifies the return of Happiness.

Well the photo is my Lilly of the Valley growing in my rain washed garden,  this is all I could find in the rain,  so I hope you will enjoy my few blooms I have.  There's plenty more to come out but until then I am sorry this is all I have to show you today.

Rain Rain Rain go away,   here in Somerset we had three inches over the weekend, we have had more rain in the last week than in the last four months every river in the county is on flood alert, most have burst their banks,  there are a lot of floods,  surface water on the roads and a lot of water running off the fields,  we are awash.  But hang on we are in drought mode,  the ground is hard!!!! and we don't have enough water in the rivers.  We have more rain forecasted over the next few days.   So far we are not flooded but I am live in the Mendip hills and if I was flooded up here then most of the UK would be under water.
I hope where ever you are you are keeping dry and if you need any water just bring a tanker down to Somerset I am sure we can find you plenty for your garden.

In the meantime take care,   
Information about Lilly of the Valley from Wikipedia


  1. Hi Margaret, well you learn something everyday - l did'nt realise it was poisonous, it pushes up between my paving and all over the garden, not sure if flowers are open yet it is too wet to check x Susan x

  2. Very informative! My birthday flower and one of my all time faves!
    Fox : )

  3. Hi Margaret, Just doing a little bit of catching up with you all...
    I also love LOTV, it's so beautiful and very pretty too, I have it in a big tub, but mine is only just coming out, it's possibly because your warmer down south, always a bit later I think.....thanks for the story and picture, it does brighten an otherwise miserable day...xxx


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