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Saturday, 26 May 2012

High on a mountain top .......


I am sure the title might get you thinking,   well my herd of Goats has grown, and I was thinking of the Sound of Music,   High on a mountain top a lonely goat etc. etc..

The black Goat went to Sheila and the white goat has gone to Janette in Blackpool,  both guessed that we were tatting a Goat on the TIAS this January,    I know this is a late post but they have been tatted over the last few months.

The black Goat was tatted with coats black no 20 with white eyes and the white goat was tatted with Lizbeth white no 20 and has black eyes.   I think the white Goat back leg went a bit curled I have no idea how it happen but when I pressed him the leg did go straighter.
So my herd has grown.   The other person who won my game called Sue never did get in touch,  so I was not able to make her a Goat.  If she reads this and remembers she guessed Goat please get in touch and then I will make you a Goat.


Look what my husband brought me,   I am delighted with the book and hope to make the peacock sometime soon but don't rush me I will get around to it.
Bethany was also in ore of the peacock so now all I have to do is tat him.   I have already decided which colour to tat him in.
There are some other lovely patterns in the book no wonder every tatter is buying the book.

This is the last scheduled post and we will be home soon.
Until we meet again take care


  1. Hi Margaret, those goats are gorgeous, I cant wait to see a peacock,I know it will look better than the picture on the book.
    Kevin xx

  2. Hello Margaret
    Janette will love her goat..... she can be a silly goat herself sometimes lol....the peacock will look stunning, come home quick and make a start lol

  3. I do love my goat Margaret so for once Tilly is correct...lol....oh she will kill me if she ever reads this..xx


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