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Saturday, 19 January 2013



I can't upload any pictures as I am on my iPad, but yes we have about 3 to 4 inches (have not been out to measure it). Its a winter wonderland here in Longworth, nr Abingdon, Oxfordshire.  It's very cold and we could have more snow.

We have not been able to get back home, and very glad I brought the clothes for the funerals next week, although I did go into Abingdon before the snow hit and got another top, can't wear the same two days running to the other funeral.

I hope we can get out on Monday as I am making the flowers for dads funeral,  being an ex florist I can't sit back and let someone else make the family piece,  so I have it all in my mind exactly what I am making and I will post a picture when it's made for you to see,  just hope the florists here will have some flowers.

Dads funeral is on Wednesday,  and dads brothers ( uncle Colin ) is on Thursday both at Oxford crem.,   Hopefully we might be able to get home at the weekend.

Tatting well I have done a little bit to the tat along mat, still on the same long round,  I have not started the TIAS,  but Jane knows and I will catch up when I get home promise.  To be honest my mind is not really on anything,   Dee Vernon's sister got me into the farm game, ha ha I can see vernon will not be pleased when I play that at home too much,  but my animals will need feeding,   I have been playing it a lot the last couple of days.

Well I hope where ever you are you are warm and safe, if you have not had a comment on your blog don't worry I have tried to keep up to date with most of you even if I did not leave you one, I have seen your beautiful work
Thank you for all the kind words you have left us


  1. My condolences..I just got some connection back to the internet and am slowly catching up in Tatland around me. Many hugs to you and your family during these times.

  2. Take care Margaret keep warm and safe Hugs Ginny x

  3. How very special for you to do the floral arrangement. I know it will be beautiful. Hope the snow doesn't cause more problems than you already have. Glad that game can help reduce your stress in this difficult time.

  4. Margaret, I hope you stay warm and safe, and that you can return home by the weekend. I know the floral arrangement will be created with much love, so it's bound to be gorgeous! I'm glad the game keeps your mind occupied during these difficult days. Sending you a hug.

  5. Margaret, I'm so sorry about your losses. It's so emotionally draining with more than one as well - our family has had four deaths in 6 months.

    Stay safe, and hope to see your flower arrangement. I'm sure it will be beautiful :)


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