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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mayan Tatting Exchange "Intatters", Dads Flowers

We are back home,   but to be honest I feel drained and have no interest in anything,  this surprise was waiting for me when I got home,  On intatters we are doing an exchange based on the Mayan Calender,  my piece is here worked out colour wise, pattern sorted just got to tat it,  I hope I can make the deadline  Anyway these beautiful items arrived from Mags from the USA,  the sun inspired her tatting making her design around a doodad brooch.   Her second design is from the book Elegant Tatting Designs by Jon,  she calls it a sun flake without the picots.   Both were tatted in Lizbeth thread called Honey Drizzle.
She is a Jane Austin Fan and her note let has a piece from a letter Jane Austin wrote in 6.11.1813.  This year is the 100th Anniversary of Jane Austin.  Mags is planning to visit the UK and Bath in October,  and is hoping to fit in a meeting when she visits Bath.   She also sent a postcard of George Washington in Philadelphia.


Now for a bit of sadness,  I had many requests from Bloggers to see a picture of the flowers I made for Vernon's Dad coffin,  I used white and blue as he was a life long Chelsea Football fan.   The Undertaker was very pleased with it and said it was an exhibition piece,  and although I say it myself I was pleased with it when I saw it on the coffin.

I have tried to keep up with the blogs but if you did not get a comment does not mean I did not see your post.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left us over this sad time,  I need to catch up on lots of things and start the TIAS which is well underway.
Until we meet again take care


  1. Margaret, so glad you liked the pieces from the tatting exchange! I enjoyed making them.

    The flowers are really beautiful, and how lovely you were able to honor your father-in-law's favorite football team. I'm sure he would have been thrilled.

  2. Good to see you back take care one day at a time hugs Ginny x

  3. Nice to see you back Margaret. I love the flowers and you made a beautiful arrangement.
    When your friend comes over from the States perhaps she would like to visit Jane Austin's house/museum which is just down the road from me.
    Had my scan today and will see the consultant Monday week.

  4. I'm happy to read a post from you again, Margaret! I know this has been a very sad time for you, and I hope that you are back to being yourself again soon!

  5. Nice to see you back again Margaret, those flowers are beautiful, you did so well and should be proud....
    Love the gift from your friend, how nice if you do get to meet up, hope so anyway.....
    Take care.xx

  6. hi margaret, the flowers look beautiful, you did a great a job with them. is there no end to your talents?
    I'm glad you are back home.

  7. Happy you are safely returned home, Margaret. The flowers are beautiful, and it was so nice you were able to do them for your father-in-law.
    After the recent sadness, it's not surprising that you're feeling drained. Sending you a big hug


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