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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1st May 2013 - No Lilly of the Valley


Today is the 1st May and usually I have Lilly of the Valley in my home,  well to show how far behind my garden is this is a picture of my Lilly of the Valley today.  They have shoot up over the last few days but unfortunately there are no flowers as you can see.  The sun is shining,  the sky is blue but its not what you would call very warm around 12c at the moment, in the shade its cold.
As we drove to and from Frome today the trees and hedgerows are just showing colour, some are bursting out in leaf others are still wearing there winter coats.   Spring is trying to come forth, at this rate it will be summer before spring really shows its face. Its so nice to see the sun and feel some warmth, winter has been too long, roll on summer.
So I am showing you the picture I took this time last year,  my Lilly of the Valley from my garden,   
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  1. Its been so cold this year I expect they are still a sleep! Ginny x

  2. I love the delicate lily of the valley flower,......... we have had some sun which set me off washing curtains and cleaning windows, I have also cut the lawns and trimmed(hacked at/culled the holly tree into submission this morning..... lots of weeding to be done, but at least the sun makes you want to get out

  3. I hope they bloom for you soon!

    1. Everything is about 4 to 6 behind, although they are catching up fast over the last few days, the lily of the valley are nearly up and the leaves are opening up another week and I might have some flowers.
      Here in Oxford they are more ahead as we noticed coming up and it's warmer, although they are behind for the time of year not quite so much as back home in Somerset.


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