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Sunday, 12 May 2013

May Toys and Flowers

Last weekend was warmer and lovely,  this weekend is cold, windy and heavy showers,  what a difference a few days make.   No wonder there is a lot of flu around,  I have no idea what to wear from one day to another.
These are the Toys I knitted for Lizzy,  first is another Huggins the Hippo but I made her in variegated pink and added a tatted a white small butterfly on her leg. The pattern is from Fluff and Fuzz.

Next is Bernie the dog,  I knitted him in cream and I love him,  I think he worked out really well,  This is another Fluff and Fuzz pattern.

This is a Mice pattern which was a pattern from Woman Weekly,   he's knitted again in cream with a blue variegated scarf.
 When I  took the photos I tried to get him in his best position,   not sure this is his best but his long legs going every way I had a little smile so I am sharing it with you.
Now for the flowers they are plain white with crystal, dark and pale blue beads in the middle.  Royal blue with white tips on the petals and crystal beads.  Gold and Black with plain gold beads in the middle,   the black and gold wool was hard to knit,  I found this in my draw so I have no idea what I brought it for but it made a lovely flower in the end, only the picture does not do it justice.
Close up pictures below

I hope you are having a lovely weekend,  and the sun is shining where ever you are,  until we meet again Take Care


  1. Hello Margaret

    Just adore your little animals they are all so cute..... what beautiful flowers in those pretty colours bet they are super in real life lol....keep warm

  2. They are so cute love the flowers as well Ginny x

  3. A perfect mouse in your house!

  4. Love your little knitted toys - they are so cute! Weather here remains chilly, but at least the sun is shining and it LOOKS pretty out there!

  5. Huggins the Hippo is so adorably cute. Love the colours on her. The flowers remind me of poinsetias. They are pretty Margaret.

  6. Oh your little knitted pets are adorable Margaret and the flowers too. Enjoyed reading about your visit to Oxford. We moved to Oxfordshire in February but and have not been to Oxford yet! Michelle x

  7. Oh these are so sweet Margaret, I have just been playing catch up with your blog, so much going on, I need to keep an eye on you..lol...xxx


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