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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Look at this yummy,

What another gorgeous day today,  its very warm but not quite so warm as it was in Portugal,  the day before we left it was 35c,  today here in somerset its around 25 c   I hope this weather lasts for the next couple of months,  its time we had some proper summertime.   They say Saturday will be our hottest day so far this year.
As you know it was my birthday last week,  this is the cake that the hotel gave me,  it arrived quite early in the morning,  Bang went the diet,  it was as nice as it looks,  we thought it was a sponge until we cut it,  I have not tasted a cake like it before,  the texture was firm, although it looked chocolate it was not sweet like chocolate and had a taste of fruit.
I was also given a list of six set menus which I could choose from as a special birthday dinner.  It was yummy  dinner of four courses,  the diet really did go out the window that day.
We arrived home to a pile of wonderful cards,  five of which were handmade,  a great funny one from Dee my Sister in Law,  and of course one very special card from Vernon,  plus a few more from family and friends.  If I have not thanked you and the last couple of days have been busy,  thank you to everyone who sent a card.
Tomorrow I go into hospital for a small op,  so if I don't post for some days don't think I have not forgotten you,  I have a piece to write on our holiday and show you the tatting I did while I was away.
I hope wherever you are the weather is sunny and hot and until we meet again take care.


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday Margaret,
    I hope your op goes well tomorrow and the birthday cake looks as good as it sounds, how nice of them lol.
    Lovely and sunny here as well, fingers crossed it will stay

  2. What a delicious looking cake! Did you ever find out what it was made from? I'm so glad you had a nice holiday and are finally having some decent weather! I've also enjoyed reading your timed posts. I wish you well tomorrow.

  3. What a sweet cake! Looks delicious. Will be thinking of you.


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