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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

AT last TIAS 2013 5/25


Hooray I have done it,   yes this is the TIAS 2013,  and it makes the 5th part of the 25 motif challenge.
By the time you read this I will be up in the air flying or have landed in Portugal.

I expect you are wondering why this was not done in parts back in January,  well regular readers of my blog will know that we had two deaths in the family in January and to be honest I just could not think about it then,   yes I printed each of the 11 days out ready to tat,  but well it never happen.   I started this the other night and finished it over a couple of days.   I used Lizbeth thread Pink Parade and Black no 20.  Its not been blocked yet but I was happy with it.

Its nice to catch up,   Hope you all have a lovely week. see you soon.


  1. Enjoy your holiday in Portugal. And . . Come home rested!

  2. what a sweet little pram for any baby card or other project.... I hope you have a lovely holiday in Portugal, with a little sunshine thrown in lol

  3. I know nothing about tatting but always enjoy looking at your creations and this is another one beautifully made. Also love your birds and nest in the woods, so clever! Have a wonderful time in Portugal. Michelle x

  4. It is gorgeous Margaret, and worth the wait.
    Kevin xx

  5. I know nothing about tatting but always admire your lovely work Margaret. Have a wonderful time in Portugal. Michelle x

  6. Hi Margaret! Love your baby buggy the doll you saw on my blog has been sold!

  7. It is a very nice pram. Congrats on catching up. I really like your blog background.

  8. Hi MMargaret hope you are having a lovely day on your BIRTHDAY I would sing for you but it might make it rain so just hope the card arrived and you are having a wonderful time. Happy Birthday my friend. xx

  9. Your pram turned out very nice. Love the color choices. Have a great time in Portugal. Hope you have abundant sunshine!


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