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Sunday, 26 January 2014



On this wet miserable day here in Somerset, yes its raining yet again,   we are fed up with rain down here in Somerset and we have an amber warning which is one down from the top level of warnings for flooding on the Somerset Levels,  They have been flooded since before christmas,  the area covered by water is now 25 square miles of countryside, with 14 billion tons of water,  I am not sure how they worked that out but lets just say its a lot of water and its going to take months before it dries out.  On the weather forecast for tomorrow we some snow,   that will be a change.
I still can't tat,  card make or knit,  the hand is still very painful and swollen,  the bruising is still there,  it drives me up the wall,  but my ankle is a lot better and my knee is healed.  I did manage to buy Jan Stawasz new book so now I have a long list of things to tat,  plus those lovely threads to choose from,  hopefully it won't be too long before the hand gets better.
 I thought I would find something I did back in 1990's,  I used to do a lot of  counted cross stitch,  which I enjoyed so I have a  lot of  pictures,   over the next few weeks until I can tat or knit something new I will post a few of them.  
The top picture is Elephants,   I really love elephants and this picture hopefully one day I might get to Africa and see them but in the meantime I will have my picture which I did back in the early 90's,  the kit was by Janlynn no 80-92.     

This is called the Barn Owl Family one from the series called Natures Kingdom by Anchor no CSK 306.  

These are two of my favorite pictures,  hope you like them too

Until we meet again take care



  1. Well you got into and did way better than I ever did with cross stitching. These are beautiful and the elephants would make a great pillow for your sun room, but there I go again and mention the sun ooops. We do get rainy seasons or years and know what you mean the ground get so saturated that it refuses to soak up any more water! Then it floods even faster! take care my little fish! from Carollyn!

  2. The elephants and owls look amazing. Especially love the elephants. Sorry that your hand is still painful and the weather in Somerset is so wet. Now, what will cheer you up? Listen to some of your favourite music?

  3. I saw an article on Sky News yesterday about Somerset - oh goodness, it is wet! Love your cross stitch pictures. I like doing cross stitch too, though I haven't done any for a while. You are making progress in healing, so that's good, even if your hand is still frustrating. Imagine having Jan's new book and not being able to make anything from it - that's just not fair!

    1. No it's not fair, and I have the prize with those lovely threads as well it's a bit more than frustration it's worse than that, and the rain that does not help we need sunshine.

  4. Oh Margaret I am so sorry to hear about your accident but am glad that your ankle and knee are a lot better. Hope your hand heals soon so that you can play with your new toys! On top of that you have the worst rain in the country. I so enjoyed reading your posts that I missed whilst away and I love your cross stitch. I too used to do a lot of it and keep meaning to start again. Its just finding the time for all my hobbies! Michelle x

  5. Sorry your hand is still so painful! And that Somerset is still beset by floods. But seeing your beautiful cross-stitch pictures is definitely a silver lining for us.

  6. these are stunning margaret.i used to love crossstitch too.I hope you hand is feeling better soon.

    xx coops xx


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