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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A bit Late, the last Christmas card

This is a one handed written post,  so its not going  look so good,  I was going through my pictures to see if I had anything to share with you and found this.  I have a few more items which I can share with you over the next few weeks.

  This is Vernons Christmas card,  I wanted something different for him,  I had this Kanban image which i matted it onto parchment paper with a dark red background behind it,  I added the gold and red flowers,  a flourish and some red ribbon and thats what he got.

The last card I made for the CD Sunday Challenge got a third,  I was over the moon when I found out on Sunday.
My ankle is a lot better after another x-ray they could not see a fracture but by hand although after a second x-ray I had yesterday which thankfully also does not show any fractures it is still very badly bruised, very painful damaged tendons and is still swollen.  All other injuries are healing nicely but its going to take a few weeks before I can get back to tatting and knitting,  and get my glasses repaired.  Still its given me time to design some new items in tatting,  get some of the pictures back on my blog,  read, and work out some ideas and  items for the blog.  watch this space as they say.
I hope you are not flooded, underwater or frozen,  our weather here in the west country has been beyond words,  it just keeps on raining, and the wind well thats going to get the record of the windiest winter ever.  There is a large part of Somerset flooded with many roads closed due to flooding, rivers bursting at the seams with large amounts of water and coastal regions suffering with high tides and rough seas.  At least its not snow, so to all my American / Canadian friends, please keep warm and safe,  if we have any more rain here we will be floating over the pond to you.
In the meantime take care


  1. The card is beautiful, and could work for a valentines theme here in US do you all have Valentines day?. We in Tennessee got a small snow storm of 1 inch and then normally that melts by the same day but we have unusually cold weather of -4 and -16 Fahrenheit which is incredibly cold here and school is out, because of he temperature no children should wait at bus stop in this cold. it is very sunny but very cold and our little inch on ground is still here!

    1. Oh yes we do have valentines day here, my husband always gets a card, but he's not into it, he thinks it's a money making racket, and it's for lovers not husbands and wife's. I just make a card and say something silly to him.
      We have seen your weather on our tv, you have snow we have the rain, your storms are being driven across the pond on the jet stream on pounding into the UK,
      Please stay safe and warm

  2. So elegant; love the placement of those embellishments. Marina

  3. Brilliant card Margaret i hope you are now recovering Ginny♥

  4. Your cards are always so beautiful! I'm glad to read that you are healing. Sometimes an enforced rest period can do wonders for us. Yes, it is very chilly here. I'm thinking of putting on another pair of socks!

  5. Gorgeous card Margaret, I like the image those flowers and the colours.
    Kevin xx

  6. I love the image on the card and no I am not flooded, underwater or frozen. Do take care and not strain your typing hand.

  7. Did my comment go through? I am not sure these days. I lose e-mails and comments. Just wanted to say - I love the image and no I am not flooded, underwater or frozen, To all our US, Canada and UK friends "Do stay safe and keep warm".

  8. I am so glad your injuries aren't as severe as first thought, but they will take time to heal. I am impressed that you were able to do this post with one hand, and add photos! The card is beautiful - so artistic! We're grateful we escaped a big snowfall, and also glad we are retired and don't have to go out in the cold. But I get cabin fever and want to go out to the shopping center, just to walk around!

  9. I'm glad there's no fracture, though it sounds as though you will still have to be patient about healing. Well done for posting in spite of your injuries. Congratulations on your challenge placing!

  10. What a beautiful card! I'm sorry about your ankle, but so glad it's not as bad as you first thought. Heal quickly!


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