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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy St. Georges Day


Its a bit late but I wish all my followers and visitors to my blog today a very Happy St. Georges Day.

Yes I am home but I have to go back next week to Sheffield for a check up,  I hope to put a blog post on to show you the tatting I did while I was in hospital in the next few days.  The radio active treatment has made me very tried and I sleep a lot.   Anyway have a great day.
Until we meet again take care


  1. Have a good day, Margaret.

    Mr. G. wants to change his name to George. I told him absolutely NOT!
    Fox : )

  2. Hi Margaret we hope your recovery goes quickly and take care hugs from Carollyn!

  3. Welcome back brave Margaret! You tatted in hospital? Great!

  4. Pleased it's over and I hope all is well with the check-up next week.just go with the flow and sleep when you feel the need.
    Hope Vernon is looking after you from a distance lol

  5. Hi Margaret. Glad you are home and I hope all has gone well. Looking forward to seeing you crafting again.
    p.s. Will be at Bristol again so hope to see you.

  6. So pleased you're home! I noticed you were commenting on blogs recently but i didn't think you were able to do a post - yet here you are! Tatting in the hospital? Amazing! Get as much rest as possible!

  7. I hope your check up goes well. Sleep as much as you need to get well again!!


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