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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stitched Cards, and my 500th post

This is my 500th post,  I never thought when I started this blog I would ever write 500 posts,  I was going to do a giveaway but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control and when I tell you about this week I hope you will understand this is the last thing on my mind at the moment.  Hopefully I can do a giveaway later in the year.
On Tuesday we travel to Sheffield, and on Wednesday morning at 7.30 I go into hospital for an eye operation.  Its not easy to go into details and I am sure some of you would feel a little queasy if I tell you the whole thing,  but to put in simple words I have a tumour behind my eye.   Only five to seven people in 1 million people get this.  Vernon is going to stay in the house for relatives until I can come home,   I will be in hospital for approximately five days.  He wont be able to touch me, as I will be radio active, so I told him he can throw things at me I wont mind,  of course it also means its a two way thing I can throw things back to him.

 Anyway back to the post,  these stitched cards are made using Star-form Stitching Peel off's,   I used metallic gold multi coloured thread and beads,
This is one it autumn leaves and acorns using gold thread, with a border down the side and bottom,  this is a close up of the card above.

 This is my take on an abstract vase of flowers,   I used three heart peel off's to make the vase,  the flowers are in red metallic thread with green metallic thread for the leaves and red beads

 This is a close up

 Another vase of flowers this time using a square peel off to look like a vase and again the flowers are in the same red metallic thread and beads,  and green metallic thread for the leaves

Close up of the card

These peel off's are great for quick stitching designs and can be played with to make various abstract designs, as well as interesting cards.  
I hope my next 500 posts will be as varied and as interesting as my last 500,   I one thing I enjoy with blogging its nice to show you different things and different crafting ideas.  I hope I can keep finding new things for the blog.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend,  I am not sure when I will post again but in the meantime take care,


  1. Beautiful cards I hope all goes well for your operation xx

  2. Hello Margaret
    I love your stitched cards they are so pretty.
    I send my very best wishes for a good outcome and quick recovery after your surgery. It will save on electric to have you glowing in the room instead of a light bulb lol........Vernon will have to poke you with a long stick if he wants you!!!

    What a bad 6 months you have had healthwise.
    Hugs Tilly

  3. Your stitched cards are wonderful! I love the metallic thread one. Congratulations on your 500th Post! I am thinking of you and Vernon and trust all goes well on Wednesday. Huge hugs and best wishes. Michelle x

  4. Oh these cards are beautiful and a great Idea, what fun and soooo beautiful, I never thought of this! I love it!
    you have been so nice to all us bloggers, and I know so many are praying for your recovery and things to go well, we will wait patently for next blog! hugs from Carollyn!

  5. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts, Margaret! I enjoy seeing all your beautiful creations.

  6. Congratulations on your 500th post! Don't worry about a give away, it's much more important that you get through your op successfully. Your cards are very pretty!

  7. Your cards are beautiful! Hope you get well soon.

  8. Margaret, such beautiful cards. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  9. hi Margaret,
    your cards are beautiful, such a lot of work has gone into them. I'm glad Vernon is staying with you this week and you will be on my mind, I hope all goes to plan and you are home and on the road to recovery very soon.
    hugs Suzanne x

  10. Dear Margaret, I visited your blog yesterday to see if your hands have recovered and if you are tatting again. I am speechless after finding out that you are facing another health issue! I wish you both courage and a speed recovery. Your 500th post is a good omen: nothing will stop you from creating beauty!

  11. Congratulations on your 500th post! That's quite an achievement(!) and your blog is a window to all your talents in various crafts! It's also at times a travelogue. I've enjoyed the photos you have shared of your trips. You've also been through a lot of stress, with no help from the weather! Your recent accident has been a difficult time, and yet you kept blogging and commenting on blogs. And now you have the eye surgery tomorrow. I have always admired your fighting spirit. Please know my thoughts are with you!

    I'm now receiving Nancy Tracy's newsletter (from Be-Stitched), and I let her know that it was your tatting of that cute sun with sunglasses that finally spurred me on to subscribe! I really wanted that pattern! The newsletter also included her other recent patterns and has useful tatting information as well! Our tatting event over the weekend went very well and was especially nice on Sunday when we had great weather!

  12. beautiful cards Margaret.your stitched designs are stunning :D

    xx coops xx

  13. I hope you will be reading all these soon Margaret and all is well.

  14. Margaret I am so glad that you are back and obviously well enough to blog! I was thinking about you just last night and hoping that all went well. Thank you for your usual lovely comments. Happy Easter, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Michelle x


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