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Saturday, 21 June 2014

More on Malta Mosta Church


Its a beautiful day today,  it is hot and the sun is shinning,   I am not going to put a spanner in the works,  but towards the end of the week Glastonbury starts,  its going to rain.

  I wanted to share with you another post on Malta,  This is Mosta Church,    this is the famous church where on a Sunday Morning a bomb in World War Two fell on the congregation through the dome.
The Dome is the third largest in Europe,  the other two domes are in London St Paul's and Rome.
The building was started in 1833 and consecrated as a church in 1871.

The people of Malta always felt safer in the churches than anywhere else.    No one was hurt when the bomb fell in fact it went through the roof and never went off.   They call it a miracle on Malta,  as you scroll down the photos there is a picture of the bomb.

The bomb,   it is now a replica of it these days.

View of Mosta from the road leading to the village.

I hope you enjoy these photos,   and having a lovely weekend and enjoying the weather
Until we meet again take care


  1. Fantastic photos, Margaret! And great history of the Church. You have sent me running over to the internet to find out more about Malta, and I am amazed at how populated it is, and the incredible architecture! Thank you for sharing these! You do a great job of 'taking us along' on your travels. I'm so happy you are able to get on a plane and go places. I have problems with flying!

  2. Wow that was very interesting and with a miracle too! 12 years ago I got to see the one in Rome and at first thought it was the same building. Beautiful city always fun to get away and look at somewhere different.

  3. io abito in Italia vicino a Parma siamo vicine . Complimenti per le foto ciao

  4. whoops, just lost my post, wishing you both well.............have a good weekend

  5. Such an interesting post Margaret, love abit of history thrown in too......
    Funny you should mention Glastonbury, I think it is pre-ordained somewhere, that it has to chuck it down, wonder how the revellers would react to some really hot stuff......lol....one never knows....
    Hope you and Vernon are doing ok...xxxxxx

  6. Nice photos, Margaret. Hope you're having a swell time!


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