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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dew Drop Pendant 9/25 motif challenge

Its a mild but dull,   windy,  drizzly day here in Somerset,   Last night our local football team won their match in the FA football match and now they will play Manchester United on the 4th January 2015,  Its only a small ground so I wonder how they will fit in a Premier division football team into a 9,000 plus seater ground,  its great to see our little team meet up with one of the big boys.
This little pattern I made up recently and I called it Dew drop Pendant originally had flowers attached to it but them I found this lovely silver leaf in my stock and I ended up putting it in the middle,  with the blue beads on the middle ring of the clovers,  it was tatted in white lizbeth thread no 20.   The clovers decrease in size as it goes to the top point.
Here is the same little pattern again this time I placed a Tibetan silver owl in the middle.
This one is tatted in Lizbeth Purple thread no 20.
I am keeping the pattern to myself for the time being as I am not sure if I will release it or not,  I am not sure if anyone would want it.

Anyway I hope you like my Pendant, I know my grand daughter will want it as she is potty about Owls at the moment.    I hope to make a few more of these with different middles for my craft table over the next coming months.

Until we meet again  Take care



  1. Your pendant is lovely (both of them!). I'm sure many of us would love the pattern!

  2. Oh Margaret they are very beautiful, and love how the tatting graduates to larger, very artistic and stylish too!

  3. Wow Margaret these are absolutely beautiful!!!
    Kevin xx

  4. A lovely pendant. Clever to graduate the size of the clovers.

  5. OH, Margaret, they are gorgeous! I love the way the leaf is accented by the tatting!

  6. These are truly unique and beautiful. I agree, it would be hard to sell the pattern, because a person would have to have just the right thing to go in the center. But, if you have other items around that you could use as centers, perhaps you could sell the finished pendants. And maybe other tatters can be inspired to come up with their own!

  7. Perfect and elegant tatted complement to the leaf and owl! Excellent design with the clovers!

  8. these are beautiful and I am sure they will sell really well, especially the owl


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