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Monday, 16 February 2015

February's Pinterest Challenge / update on Renuelks mat Wiosna 2015


This is February Pinterest challenge that Suzanne and I are doing, hopefully we will complete 12 one for every month of the year.   This is my February's piece,  its a tatted cross using a button in the middle,  the pattern is called  Encapsulated Button Sunburst Motif of which this cross is a variation.  The pattern was originally published in November 2002 issue of the Tatting Times published by Karey Solomon and was a free pattern by Lily Morales who uses variations of advanced techniques adapted from the "3-5-7-9 Button Motif" from a Labour of Love by Lily Morales 2002
link to  patten   I was not as happy with this cross and may do it again,

Here is an update on the Renuleks mat I have finished round three it was too dark yesterday to sew in the ends.  I am using Lizbeth thread White and Countryside no 20.   I have not blocked it yet so it looks a little creased perhaps after the forth round I will give it a quick press.  This pattern is being done by a lot of tatters around the world,  each with there own colours its proving to be a popular pattern which Renuelks has designed.
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  1. Your cross is nice! :)
    Your doily is gorgeous!!! :)

  2. Oh, how nice is that mat, in two colors!!Beautiful!

  3. This Pinterest challenge sounds quite interesting!
    Fabulous idea!
    I love this colors on Renulek's mat😊

  4. Beautiful cross and doily Margaret, I love both
    Kevin xx

  5. Nice clean, new look to the blog, margaret! I like it.

    Lovely colours in the Renulek.
    Gian sends nibbles.

  6. Hi Margaret,
    I love your mat. Only when I enlarged the photo, I could make out the colours of countryside. So lovely.

  7. Your cross is interesting, and very well documented!! Your doily is looking great.

  8. Wow the cross is beautiful Margaret, you did an amazing job Nd you're so talented. I will come for a tatting lesson one of these sus! Lol well done on fens project now time to find something for March, the months come round quickly don't they. Xx

  9. Oops I forgot to say I love your doiley too, so much work has gone into it and I love the colours xx

  10. Now that I have the hang of tatting with buttons, I'll have to check out some cross patterns. Yours looks so pretty! Renulek's doily is coming along nicely!

  11. Love the doily and the cross well done!

  12. Beautiful doily, Margaret! Really neat having the button within the cross motif. I think I need to find some tatting time.......

  13. love this beautiful mat, how pretty


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