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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jewellery set and Bookmark 12/25 Motif Challenge

Gosh it has been cold over the last few days,   I know we have to expect it, at least its been reasonably dry not like last year when it rained and rained non stop and we had the floods.   We had a few snow flakes at the beginning of the week but nothing lasted very long.
Today I have this Jewellery set I did to show you the pattern is from tatting box called Bridal Lace,  I do like this pattern,   I made a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earring, there are no earrings on the pattern but I use two repeats for the earrings.  I used Lizbeth thread Countryside no 20.

Then I made this cross from a new book I treated myself to called tatted Bookmarks cross shaped by Lene Bjorn,  I have seen a few bookmarks on other blogs and when I saw the book for sale I brought it,  I did enjoy making this cross its called Maria page 9.  I hope to make some more from this lovely book.  I used Lizbeth thread No 20 in White and Countryside.

I have started Renuleks new mat and will post when I have done a bit more.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
Take care


  1. Beautiful Jewellery set and cross wonderful work Ginny x

  2. what a beautiful set and the cross in a lovely colour as well, keep warm

  3. Pretty, Margaret! Even Gian says so. .: )

  4. Really nice jewelry and cross. I have that Cross Bookmark book and use it all the time.

  5. That is a lovely jewelry set! That particular cross bookmark is one of my favorite patterns.

  6. Oh Margaret, wonderful jewelry and the cross bookmark is very beautiful I love the outline in white that you did, it really makes the colors stand out!
    this is Carollyn from Carollyn's tatting blog! :)

  7. Wow Margaret these are beautiful, I do like the jewellery set
    Kevin xx

  8. Lovely colours in the jewellery set. Will you wear it yourself?

  9. Fabulous jewelry set!!! :) And awesome cross!!! :)

  10. Very pretty, Margaret! Stay warm and cozy.


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