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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Two Little Elephants


It seems ages since I blogged anything and although I have done a few things I really have nothing much to show you.   I have started teaching tatting again another beginners class this time I have four ladies which seems to take up a bit of time and I am enjoying it.
Last Friday the UK had a solar Eclipse it would have been fine if we could have seen the sun but the day started misty and cloudy no chance until we went out,  I walked up the driveway to open the gate and there was a hole in the cloud and the sun with just the corner covered by the moon as it left the sun. Unfortunately I did not have my camera and even if I had ran for it we would have missed it,  it was there just for a few seconds really just long enough to see it,  better luck next time in .....years.
I am please to say my hospital appointment went well and I have to go back again in six months it seems the treatment is working.
 On the way up to Sheffield I knitted the pink elephant and their skirts up in Sheffield and then knitted the blue one on the way back,   I am pleased with both of them one skirt is moss stitch and the other elephant has a moss stitch top just make them different.   It took a couple of nights sewing up the bits and stuffing.  I cant remember where this pattern came from as I have had it years and knitted lots of these little elephants.   I had to re type it out again as the pattern was so worn out.
I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care


  1. I am glad you are teaching tatting and the blog can wait, this must be very exciting I have only taught one at a time. Those elephants are sweet and fun to see a past project!

  2. These are so adorable! Love the two dresses. I'm also doing moss stitch on a scarf. It always creates a nice texture. I can't imagine doing this kind of detailed knitting while traveling! So glad the treatment is working.

  3. Cutest elephants! I am glad to hear that your check up went well. Good luck with the teaching.

  4. Adorable elephants! Glad the treatment is working.

  5. Oh Margaret these are adorable and to have knitted them in the car, I am impressed! I had a very clear view of the eclipse and stupidly looked at it with the naked eye so saw black spots for hours after. You would think I would know better! Michelle x

  6. These are adorable Margaret you are clever I love them
    Kevin xx

  7. Glad to hear your appointment went well. Cute little elephants. I am used to seeing these kinds of things crocheted, though I have never tried making them myself. I always stuck to afghans because they were easy :)

  8. Your elephants are so cute, Margaret! I'm glad the treatments are helping--that's good news.

  9. aw your elephants are gorgeous margaret, so cute ;D

    xx coops xx

  10. Yes, your little elephants are adorable. I could never knit, tat or crochet in a moving car. I would get motion sick. Even focusing on a map can get me tipsy if I do it too long.

  11. Can I ask you question regarding shuttle tatting
    Caio Sandy xx

  12. I am more than happy to answer questions on shuttle tatting there is a link to my email in my sidebar,


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