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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Update on Renuleks Wiosna Mat


Sometimes in the life of a tatter something goes wrong,   we all make mistakes no mater how clever we are or how long we have been tatting.
Well here's my cock up, yep I tatted the 4th round,  the whole lot and then went to add the flowers in-between the circles,   then disaster stuck I had tatted five rings in each circle instead of six,  the flowers would fit but not the next round.   I had a choice.
                1.  Cut off the whole round and start again, wasting a lot of thread
                2.   leave as it is and stop there,   its still a pretty mat and I do like the colours
                3.   Give it as a birthday present as it is,  the person who is going to get it
                      does not read my blog and wont know there's a mistake
Well there you have it,   I am doing number three at least no thread is wasted,  no time wasted in re-tatting and in the words of my husband you have enough doilies why do you want more.   He's pleased that I am going to give as a birthday present and its not another doily taking up space in the draw.
Will I start again I don't know at the moment,   I am off next week to Sheffield for a check up on my eye, and I have a lot of things to do in the next week.   I was enjoying the pattern and I was pleased with the way the colours were working out.    I will sew in the ends, wash it and block then it will be ready to give.
Hope you are having a nice day


  1. Glad you made your decision! Sounds as if it all worked out for the best.
    Good luck with your eye.
    Fox xxoo

  2. Oh dear..... we all have disasters Margaret but I think you have chosen the right option.
    No use wasting all the thread and time it took. I looks very pretty as it is. Good luck at the hospital

  3. I am happy that the doily will have a good home, but I'm (selfishly) disappointed that I won't see how this doily turns out at full size. The great part about tatting is you can start that doily again any time you want ( or not want).

  4. I would be the one who wouldn't know there is a mistake. I have looked quite closely at it and no, cannot see it! I think it is beautiful with gorgeous colours. Michelle x

  5. I am sure the person getting this as a gift will love it Margaret, I can not see what mistake you have made it just looks gorgeous
    Kevin xx

  6. You've come up with a great solution! I'm sure your friend will enjoy it.

  7. Sounds like a sensible option to take!


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