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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Downton Abbey Tonight

Our local news on Friday night showed a snip of where part of Downton Abbey was filmed this week,  I managed to set the video recorder for last weeks programme so I did not miss the first episode of Downton Abbey,   Tonight they have filmed some of it at Lacock in Wiltshire which is not far away from us,  here is a link to the piece I wrote on Lacock when we took our Grand daughter for a visit.   The animals used  came from a local farm they had to have their tags covered,  as back in those times the animals did not have to registered and numbered and wear ear tags,  so they covered them up with bits of wool or whatever.
This is series number six and will be the last,  I think they will be doing a christmas special, and then that's it.  
Sunday night without Downton Abbey will not be the same but I am sure they will find something else to take its place hopefully.
So you know where I will be tonight at 9 pm (GMT time),  hope you enjoy the series.

PS.  I hope that Barry and Susan might read this,  I have tried to send a friend request to you but Facebook wont let me,  you have my email address can you send me an email so we can keep in contact thanks,


  1. I'm a big fan of Downton Abbey too and will be sad when it finally ends… but for now I'm really enjoying the start of this new series. :-)

  2. I think South Africa is a few series behind on Dowton Abbey. Enjoy the last series!

  3. Well I am enjoying it so far Margaret but because you may not have watched last nights I won't say anything about the story line, which did peeve me slightly...ha...this should be discussed....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..xxx

  4. I love Downton and sorry it's the last one, but all the big houses became to expensive to run and we are almost up to date with this series


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