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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hotel Flamingo, Olu Deniz.......... Parrots

Turkey was very very hot,  in fact its the hottest September for 20 years, it never seemed to cool down.  Most days were spent at the pool and then at lunch time at the bar,  having a cool drink and feeding Cheko,  He is an African Grey Parrot but the other parrots have attacked him so the blue on his feathers is some antiseptic stuff to help heal the wounds.   He loved his nuts as you can see he was friendly and took them very gently I did rub his head but Vernon did not get a picture of that.  But if you wanted to feed him you had to buy the nuts from the hotel shop,  I am not saying a word, but as he was the hotel parrot I think they could have left some nuts under the bar for him.  

These were the two other birds that lived in the ground of the Hotel,  they arrived in the morning,  I took this picture of them arriving as we went out on a trip, and then late afternoon went back to their night home.  They seem to enjoy being in the palm trees high above everyone, eating the palm dates.  I don't know their names but they seem to enjoy having their photos taken.
I am a bit behind commenting on the blogs at the moment,  I seem to fall asleep every afternoon at the moment,  I can only blame the tablets,  hopefully I will catch up with you all,  I have several other photos to share on our holiday in Turkey,
Until we meet again take care and enjoy the beautiful weather.


  1. he looks a voley parrot, pleased someone has seen sunshine this year lol.....

  2. Looks like a great place to nap wish I was there, I have tablets too and soon you got to shake it off and go for a walk to wake up not good you have to keep creating things for us to see :)
    hugs from Carollyn

  3. Poor Cheko with blue antiseptic, but he did get some nuts from you. Sorry Turkey was so hot, it could also be the heat that was making you sleepy. Ready to tat along whenever you are, Margaret.


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