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Sunday, 29 November 2015


Its a wild wet and windy day here in Somerset,  they say the winds have not peaked yet,  I hope they do soon, it's pretty rough out there and wet.
This beautiful snowflake called snowdrop is by Joelle,  I really enjoyed tatting this pattern,  its a wonderful snowflake unfortunately I dont feel I did it proud,  I eye balled the picots and although I have not blocked it, it's not my best effort.   I used Lizbeth thread in white no 20.   I have not been too good the last few weeks with a lot of pain,  no excuse, I am going to make a few more of this wonderful pattern.  Here is a link to Joelle's blog

Do you remember this card a few weeks ago, to my surprise, this card was first for the CD Sunday challenge, "something beginning with H".   It made my day today.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
Take care in this rough weather


  1. Always there is a need for snowflakes and this is pretty one. I love your bicycle and the card has pleasant thoughts that come to mind, especially on our rainy day :) I told every one this was your pinterest challenge? If not it is a great post anyway:)

  2. Your snowflake looks great to me! I love that pattern and hope to get more made before Christmas. Congratulations on your card... it's so pretty!

  3. Congratulations on your win in the CD Sunday Challenge, lovely snowflake Margaret

  4. Well done, it's a lovely card! I'm sure once you've blocked the snowflake it will look absolutely fine.

  5. Congratulations :-) Your card was very well designed & displayed !

  6. I hope you are soon feeling better Margaret, but well done on your win. The snowflake looks very pretty. Wet and windy here


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