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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Snowflakes 23/25 Motif challenge

After a night a gale force winds and rain,  at least the wind has dropped,  its still cloudy and fairly mild.   Up north they have taken a battering with the winds, especially in Scotland,  with the first snow of the winter.
Today I thought I would show you the snowflakes I have been making from the new book its from the 20 to make series Tatted Snowflakes,  by Jennifer Williams.    I have enjoyed this book although I have only made a few so far,  the patterns are easy to read and diagrams are easy to read.  All the snowflakes have girls names which is nice.

This is the first snowflake in the book called Alison

 This is Catrin and is done in two half and then put together, as a Celtic design.    I did like this one the on the right is plain white and the on the right is red and white,  I have had a red moment recently as you we will see in a future post.

 This is Ruth,  again I tried the pattern with red and white,  I thought I had done it all white but I cant find that one, so perhaps I did not.
 This is Lynn  she is made with a ring,  I do like this design although I did the covering of the ring another way rather than the way in the book, I used Jon Yusoff from Tat-a-Renda Blog,  her way of doing the ring is much easier,  I then did the second row and joined to picots from the ring round.   I also did this snowflake as below with gold seed beads instead of the picots.

All the above snowflakes were made with Lizbeth thread no 20 in white and red.
Many of these snowflakes could be used as pendants,   and on page 40 there is a design for a pendant and earrings,  which I hope to make in the future.  As I said I did enjoy this book and a good book for the tatting library.
Have a lovely weekend and take care


  1. Wonderful work. Now Margaret you just need to find a CD background and add one of these beautiful snowflakes to make a great Christmas card and then you can enter in to the current challenge. I am watching. Love Carol x

    1. Have you been reading my mind?
      Watch this space

  2. I will have to get this book I keep forgetting it and this post was a great reminder :) I love Ruth it is a favorite! have great day stay warm from Carollyn

  3. Not sure I pressed publish so I will type it again, I love Ruth is a favorite and must get this book, stay warm take care from Carollyn

  4. Now those look like you had a lot of fun! Great for cards.

  5. All very pretty but I love Alison and then Lynn with the picots. well done and pleased your weather has improved

  6. Great Snowflakes, I love that book.

  7. Love the snowflakes Haven't tried tatting but these may be enough to make me give it a go.

  8. You're approaching the end of your challenge with a wonderful blizzard!

  9. Amazing work! Really pretty snowflakes :)

  10. Lots of great snowflakes!!! :)

  11. Fabulous snowflakes, clever lady! Michelle x


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