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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Craftree 2016 year long 24 Snowflake Challenge

The Sixth day of December

Its a bank holiday here in the UK,  but the weather is not what you would call spring,  more like winter.
You know what they say you wait for a bus to come along and then you get two well its a bit like this blog you wait for a week and then you get two posts in two days.
As you know we are doing a challenge over at Craftree from the book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn, and their is a design for each day of December leading up to Christmas and we are doing two snowflakes per month.  well here is day six and seven,  yes its the 1st of May and I am a bit behind but we did not really start the challenge until February.  
Day six is above I did this one in white Lizbeth thread no 20 this is a lovely design to do nothing hard about it.
The Seventh Day of December
Here is Day 7,  this design is a little bit harder with onion rings,  not many tatters like onion rings but I love them,  why are they call onion rings well they are the rings in the design where the rings are tatted together,  in other words you do a ring and then put chains around the ring,  hence onion rings.  I hope that explains it to the non tatters who read my blog.   I used white and Niagara Falls (blue) Lizbeth thread no 20,  for inside the onion rings and the middle of the snowflake
I am pleased with both these snowflakes,   and will do both again,  may not be saying that with the next two which are harder.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend


  1. I love your snowflakes and glad you are keeping up with the challenge. Makes me wish I started this :)

  2. Hi, Margaret. They are beautiful! I love the alternating colors in the layers of your onion rings. Very effective.

  3. Both very pretty. I do like the way you've used blue for the inner ring of the onion ring, that's distinctive.

  4. I left a comment on my phone, but it looks like it did not post. I am so glad you are keeping up with the beautiful snowflakes. makes me wish I have started this project :)

  5. Both so pretty. I too love onion rings! 😊

  6. I also love onion rings, and your snowflake is beautiful!

  7. Two pretty snowflakes! You'll be all set for decorating the tree once Christmas rolls around.

  8. 2 more gorgeous snowflakes, what will you do with them,?? hang them on your tree or tat them together


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