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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Austria - Flirsch am Arlberg

This is the village of Flirsch and we stayed at the Hotel Basue,   A real Tirolean hotel,  it's a pity on the one free day we had that it had not rained. We did venture out for a little walk when it eased off and took some of these pictures.
The church was within yards of the hotel and at seven o'clock every morning it started off for the day,  plus the priest also rang the bell for the morning service.   Our room was on the top floor second window along.

We had a free day on the Sunday,  there was only one shop in the village and it was closed,  plus it rained all day,  we did take a little walk around the village as you can see it did not take very long,  This picture of the swollen river down the rapids just shows how much rain they had had.

This beautiful craved wooden eagle in the hotel recpetion was totally amazing and so life like.
Here's a better view in sunlight the next day,  rain in the village but more snow on the mountain tops,   I will let you take in the view from our balcony over the next few pictures,

This is a very special dress its over 61 years old and I was given it when I first went to Austria in 1955,  Just before we went I found the dress and showed Vernon,  but to my amazement one of the waitresses was wearing also the same dress,  the style is the same but the apron was a different material.   It still has its label in made in Saltsburg.  It looks quite large in the photo as Vernon hang it up in the door and then took the photo its actually a size 1,

I thought you might like to see the coach that took us around Europe,  It was a lovely coach, comfortable and the pussy cats on the side of the coach were adorable.
Now for a little story on our way back to the hotel one day, there was a shorter way into the village,  with a steep left hand bend then over the bridge,  and then a right hand bend only on this day, a car had parked right on the right hand bend so the coach could not move,  he could not go back because the bend behind was too steep to turn, we were stuck,  A woman on a push bike said she would try and find the woman who parks there and walks her dog.  She went cars and vans wanted to cross the bridge but we could not more,  Alan our wonderful coach driver moved a bit forward but he could not go very far because there was an underpass for the road above and it was not wide enough,  so the cars behind could get pass,  So there we are another man on a bike came along yes he knew the woman and he thought he might know where she is, so off he went.    Well after a while the woman came back and she said she could not find her,  anyway who arrived but the police.   Now there was a weight limit on the bridge but the coach not fully laden was just inside the limit,   no said the police they have lowered the weight limit you are above it.   After a while the man on the bike came back and went to the car and looked on the tyres,   She had left the keys on the front tyres,   he moved her car and then we go get going.  They did not book us for the weight limit but I don't know how the woman got on,  I don't think she will be parking her car there again in a hurry.  You could not write the script for it if you tried,  half an hour we were stuck on the bridge.

Well thats Austria but I have more to come and two big posts to write,


  1. complimenti per il tuo viaggio ciao Margherita . L'Italia è bella

  2. what beautiful pictures! What a great story although I'm surprised that she would leave the keys on the tire, maybe she knew that it wasn't the best spot?

  3. Looks beautiful have fun Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. Didn't have time to read when you posted so I'm now back tracking - loving the photos and stories.


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