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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Craftree 2016 Year Long Snowflake Challenge


This is the snowflake I tatted while on holiday I think we were somewhere in Germany when I did this snowflake,  this is the Eleventh Day of December.  Its not perfect but its me and my eye again or the moment of the coach whatever.    I did this one in pure white, lizbeth thread,  as you know we are doing a challenge over on Craftree using the book 24 snowflakes in tatting and hoping at the end of the challenge in December we will all 24 .
Hope you are having a nice day


  1. it looks beautiful to me Margaret, another lovely design

  2. It looks wonderful, Margaret! I'll have to look for my copy of the book to see if I can complete the challenge. I do love the patterns in that book.

  3. It is beautiful Margaret, so pretty....
    Hope your eye is ok....xxxx

  4. I just finished this one myself. Yours looks fine to me. I noticed we both opted for smaller picots than the original design.


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