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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Holiday tatting


This is what I can only call a total mess,  I did do a little tatting on holiday,  one piece I cant show you yet and the other it waiting for the ends to be sewn in,  But this is what you can call a total mess,  its supposed to be the woven bookmark which Carollyn and Wendy did,  well as you can see the picots are far too long.  I meant to take my picot measure with me and in the end I borrowed a ruler from the hotel and made one from a piece of cardboard from my notebook.
The thread is no 20 Lizbeth thread
This is going in the bin and I will start again,  after I come back from Sheffield,  home for five minuets and back up to Sheffield for another injection this time in the eye.  Perhaps when they get my eye right I might be able to make a better job of this bookmark.....  don't hold your breath.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend


  1. It's a complicated pattern, wouldn't be my first choice for holiday tatting. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in a more restful atmosphere! It looks as though it's well worth persisting with.

  2. This looks very intricate Margaret, I certainly wouldn't have the patience.
    I hope all goes well at the hospital.

  3. That is one of the most annoying things about tatting with long picots it seems that most people do not tell you exactly how long to make them and the whole piece centers around this beauty created with them. I look a the pictures and guess and the length by the rings that they asked you to make and add another 2 millimeters for the weaving part. Yours may be save-able by taking the sides of the woven part and stretching it out or loosing it up cause I made my second one too long and stretched it out like that. or just do a small sample one or use half the length you have now. Take care and hugs from Carollyn

  4. Dear Margaret, I am sure you will be able to master this bookmark in no time. You were probably enjoying your holiday. Have a good trip to Sheffield.

  5. Nooooo, please don't chuck it out Margaret, finish the edges and thread some nice ribbon or fabric through, I think it will look really pretty....
    Hope the hospital visit is ok flower..xx

  6. Hm, it looks complicated and not something I would attempt while I'm on holiday and supposed to be relaxing. lol. Take care.

  7. Here's a possible idea since the picots are too long - add a bead in center or randomly ?
    If you girls tell us what size picots you used with what size thread, it might help us to avoid such situations ;-P
    I like the variegated thread colours !!


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