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Friday, 30 September 2016

September Pinterest Challenge by the Pin Chicks

Another month already and not much to show for it,   I was on holiday for two weeks and hoping to do more tatting but it was very hot and I seem to spend time on the rubbish bookmark which might after Muskaan help turn into something.  Any way back to this challenge, oh I wish I had done this post before I went to Sheffield but I did not and now I am suffering with my eye,   I was hoping to tat a few more while I was in Sheffield that never happen either,
So here is my Button Angels (very good pattern to use up thread left on a shuttle)  the pattern is from birgitstatting.blogspot.co.uk  and is a variation of the Simple Angel by Birgit Phelps my link is very old but you could try .
They are all slight different,   I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in Green Coral Sea,  Niagara Falls and Cranberry Bush.
 I was going to use some beads on some but time was not on my side.  So this is my pin for this month,

Do you remember last months Pinterest challenge,

Well this is a variation of the pattern I did last month,  this time I made the rings bigger 5+5/5+5 and the chains are the same 15 ds.

  Here is a close up of the pattern which I used white and Green Coral sea.

On Craftree they found a name for the pattern  Sound Waves Bracelet. Thank you ladies on Craftree.

I have no idea what the other ladies are doing but here is the link to their blogs do pop over and see their creations,...... Suzanne,     Muskaan,   Carollyn,    Margaret 2

I hope I got that right I cant see that well,  my eye is sore, swollen and painful after having an injection into it,  and I have to go back in a months time and have another one,  there's three in all and this is just the first one,  So if you find any mistakes  my apologises.
Have a nice weekend


  1. Great angels and bracelet!!! :)

  2. They are all so cute !!!
    Take care with your eyes - don't stress them out. Best wishes always.
    Your Sound Waves pattern is making waves on Craftree :-)

  3. I hope your eye heals soon, that's difficult. Sweet angels and a perfect name for your bracelet!

  4. beautiful angels Margaret and the bracelet is very pretty. well done on getting so many things made when you are so poorly. glad you had a nice holiday but you will need another one now.

  5. beautiful tatting work as always darl & I do hope your eyes are feeling better.... please take care xXx
    Please visit my Blog Angie's Craft Hideaway

  6. The button angels look cute, and I like your sound waves bracelet.

  7. Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately I love your angles and lovely colors and I got your wonderful postcard from Greece too your are a doll and sweetie pie too hugs from Carollyn :)

  8. I'm sorry for your pain, those angels are lovely and also the bracelet. Take care of yourself, shuttles can wait

  9. They are all so pretty Margaret, they look really intricate, it must take ages to make them.

  10. what beautiful angels and in lovely colours.....hope your eye is soon better

  11. Beautiful work Margaret - as always.

  12. I love your angels! I have already started planning Christams works and I am looking for inspiration :) Thank you!


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