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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Pinterest challenge by the Pin Chicks - updated with photos

I must apologise at the start that I was trying to post this last night and the laptop decided that it would not work,  so reduced to the iPad and unable to post the photos which I have already put on the laptop.  So here is my post now with photos hope you like them.
I have this month only done very small butterflies and put them together into a set of blank cards.  As I have been going to the hospital for injections in my eye tatting has not been as easy to do as usual so here is what I managed this month.  I used up many bits off my shuttles to make these butterflies.

Card number one
This is a set of Onion Ring Butterflies,  the colours used are white, purple, falling leaves, Christmas red and Green Coral Sea all in no 20 thread.  Link to the pattern

Below two close up pictures of the butterflies

Card number two
This is a set of Tat off Butterfly by the tatting player  the colours used were white, falling leaves,  Christmas red, and purple all in no 20 thread link to the pattern

Below a close up of the butterfly on the card

Card number three
This set is from a pattern which Carollyn found on Pinterest earlier this month and I asked if she would mind if I used it for my pin challenge.   Colours used were white, Niagara Falls, Christmas red and juicy watermelon.

Below a close up of the one of the butterflies

  Here is a picture of the pattern.

Sorry I speak Japanese so I have no idea who designed it but as Carollyn shared the pattern on her blog I am doing the same.

All the butterflies are from pinterest and use up so little thread, and were easy to make there will be a lots more of these butterflies.  Sorry my tatting may not be prefect but I have done my best with an eye that really on some days does not want to focus.
The cards are cream card stock with a backing paper and trimmed with glittery peel offs and a spray of leaves die cuts of which Suzanne will recognise,  thanks Suzanne,   the butterflies were glued onto the cards.

Do pop over and see what the other ladies have done,   I am sure whatever it is it will be good and better than I have achieved this month.
Margaret 2

Until we meet again
Take care


  1. Margaret how did you manage to get three done when you have been so poorly with your eye, you are amazing!
    I'm so looking forward to seeing what photos. I know they will lovely butterflies.
    I hope you are starting the heal now and it will all be worth it in the end. You are always on my thoughts.
    Hugs Suzanne X

    1. Oh they are beautiful Margaret, I love the buttery"s x

  2. Simply reading your description has me at the edge of my seat. Hope you get the pics up soon :-)
    Challenge deadlines & promises do push us to try our best.

  3. I look forward to seeing your pictures! I've tried clicking on your links, but my Internet is very slow this morning. Rest your eyes!

  4. A beautiful collection of cards Margaret, your butterflies are so pretty - they look perfect to me, very delicate.

  5. Very pretty ensemble of butterflies & background ! As Suzanne said, you are amazing :-)

  6. Wonderful combination of tatting and card making techniques! Very effective.

  7. Beautiful, take care of your eyes, hugs

  8. Your cards are very beautiful Margaret.

  9. You made beautiful cards! I like the idea to put tatted butterflies on the cards.


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