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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tree Man

We pass this piece of sculpture quite often so I thought I would take a picture to show you.  There used to be a row of trees up the this house on the road leading into Midsomer Norton where we go shopping.  They cut down the row of trees and left this one at the beginning of the driveway.  Then someone really clever cut it into a shape of a man and put the jacket on him.  Now he stands at the beginning of their driveway,  it's a shame to cut trees down but I am glad they made the trunk into something for everyone to admire.
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  1. it must add a smile to everyones day,

  2. Much better than a bare tree trunk! So there really is a place called Midsomer? I thought it was made up by the TV people!

    1. Yes there is, I think the person who wrote the series must live near here as bits of names to other villages around here have been to Midsomer making up names to the villages in the series. But it's not filmed around her in Somerset, I think it's filmed in Buckinghamshire

  3. I used to watch that series, too! Slow-paced, but whodunit is a whodunit. Now we need to know whodunit - the tree man here ?!!!! Cute :-D

  4. A policeman guarding their property! It's great that they turned the stump into a sculpture.

  5. Oh I love this idea, and I could do with a Policeman at the gate to catch the silly beggers who speed on our little road of late....thanks for sharing Margaret...xxx

  6. I agree with you about the loss of the trees darl but the stump as it is now is awesome LOL :) xXx
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  7. Like you say Margaret, it's a shame to cut trees down but at least they have made a feature of it, hopefully it makes people smile.

  8. Very funny I love peoples imaginations, and makes a drive much more interesting. long ago out in the middle of nowhere someone place a pink pig in a pipe and it always made me look :)


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