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Sunday, 1 April 2018

International Tatting Day - 1st April 2018


This is my second post today,  Today is International Tatting Day,  there's a lot going on in the tatting world at the moment,   with the tatting worldwide tatting project with tatters around united in one thing, tatting pink squares for Brussels.  The deadline has now gone, so we await for the number of squares finally tatted.  There will always a few late ones due to the postal services across the world.

I have nothing new today that I am tatting at the moment to show you so I thought you would like to see my 100 years + old doily. I don't think I have shown this doily before so I thought I would show this doily.  This we think was tatted by my fathers mother,  we never saw her tat but this mat must have been hers,  when I found it in mothers cupboard it was a little dirty,  so I throw it in the washing machine., along with some over things of hers not realizing how old this mat was.  It was only when Mother and I were talking about this mat did we work out that it must have been hers and it was over 100 hundred  years old.  Yes its true I did throw it in the washing machine at 40o and it came out prefect, no strains,  yesterday I gave it a blocking so I could take this picture,  I did Carolyn's tip sprayed it with water and rolled the rolling pin over it.   For something old I think its not looking too bad.  I do take it with me when I give tatting talks, as an example of old tatting.   I might add I don't use it I keep it in a draw,  I think its too old to use everyday.

I have no idea what thread was used but I think it must have been number 80,  even if I did find the pattern I cant tat size 80 because of my eyes,  and I doint like the colour ecru.

Have a lovely tatting day,  Its Easter Sunday here and I'm staying in,  the weather is not good this weekend with snow forecasted for parts of the country tomorrow,  may not come here in the Mendips,  we have had two lots in March so you never know things come in three's.

                             Happy Tatting


  1. what a stunning creation, so much time and work has gone into this, I also love the flowers on your card below, perfect to rejoice this Easter Sunday

  2. Hi Margaret, Happy Easter to you and Vernon, hope your well...
    Fancy this beauty being so old, how lovely for you though, so glad it survived the wash....that really could have been an 'ooppps' moment...lol....enjoy the weekend.xx

  3. Well done for remembering international tatting day! Thanks for showing us the 100 year old doily, it's beautiful and a wonderful advert for the longevity of tatting. Also that you can throw it in the washing machine!

  4. Very lovely to see tatting♥️🌹♥️ so very old and keeper in the family, I did see on Instagram they huge pile of squares she has obtained it sure looks like it will cover a monument 💖

  5. This is so beautiful and historical! Hope you had a wonderful Tatting Day too :-)

  6. Ooh didn't know about tatting day; I tatted yesterday though. Nothing as grand as this. What amazing work :-)

  7. Hi Margaret, happy tatting and happy Easter!

  8. I am afraid International Tatting Day was a miss for me this year. Forgot all about it. Thank you for showing us this precious doily. It looks very good considering its age. It is an heirloom.

  9. This is beautiful Margaret, so delicate.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob


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