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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Local TV programme and my encounter with a hawk

Happy Halloween.
We are having a lovely autumn here in Somerset, the trees are looking beautiful dressed in yellows and oranges laced with browns. My drive to and from work is a joy with the country lanes looking so colourful.
Today I thought I would tell you about a TV programme on BBC this Tuesday 2nd November at 9pm, It is about some shop keepers going back to the Victorian time. It was filmed in Shepton Mallet, in Somerset. Shepton Mallet is about 6 miles away from us. I am sorry the picture is not very good I took it off the BBC site. It shows the high street in Victorian times, we saw them filming a few months ago.
I went to the wool shop yesterday in Shepton to buy some wool for my Christmas cupcakes which I have started knitting. Their in the window was a question left by the BBC, on the board it showed a packet of sewing pins "What else did they use pins for apart from sewing and pricking". To be honest I cant think, I know pins are also used in lace making so I suspect they would say that was pricking but I have no idea what else they would use them for. When I find out the answer I will post it on here for you.
I also want to tell you about my encounter with a hawk on my way home on Firday. I turned to go over the bridge towards Vobster and their in the road was a brown lump, it at first glance looked like a pile of leaves but as I drove nearer, I slowed up and stopped as it moved, the head popped up, he well it might have been a she, looked at me, pick up whatever it was eating and flew off. It was a wonderful sight as it flew over the wall and into some trees.
For those you have asked how I am getting on, at last I have a date for the scan with radio active dye this will be on the 8th November. I hope this will be the last one before they decide what they are going to do. I am having a very bad weekend with pain, and very little sleep, at 3am this morning I could not sleep so I got up and wrote down the tatting design pattern that was on my mind. Now all I have to do is to tat it and see if it works out as well as it does on paper. I have been asked to make three pairs of earrings for my sister in law (Sheila). I hope she will like my night design. I will put it on my blog when I have done it for you to see.
I hope you are keeping well, I hope you have enjoy reading my blog.
Thanks you for visiting my blog and until the next time you are passing by take care.
Hugs Margaret


  1. Would the answer be to stick into wax images of people? Didn't witches do that? Just a thought.

  2. Hi Margaret, Well as for the pins, my Great grandmother always said they pierced there ears with them in 'her day'...lol....now I realise this won't be what they are looking for, but it is true I promise you....lol....the hawk must have been a brilliant sight, lucky you. I am soory to hear your in pain again this week, hope you are soon sorted and on the mend hun...take care.xxxx

  3. Hello Margaret,
    Sounds like a wonderful drive into work, the trees are stunning again this autumn, I hope you get some good results from your scan and then you can hopefully be pain-free again
    Tilly x

  4. I really love the colours of Autumn unfortunatley we dont get those colours here in Queensland. Hope you fell better soon.
    Hug's Margaretha


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