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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Turkey Full of Turkish Delight - Side Kentia Apartments

Side - Kentia Apartments
First I must apologise for not uploading this piece about my holiday. The delay was due to illness not only with myself but my Mother, who is now hopefully getting stronger and getting to be able to look after herself and her dogs. I am now waiting for another scan with dye this time, I suppose one day they will find out what is wrong and sort it and then I can be out of pain. In the meantime its just carry on.
Whats the saying - Sun, sea and sand plus sex Turkey has it all, between Europe and Asia Turkey tries to be both. Turkey is a very large country it takes as long to fly to Turkey as it does it fly from end of Turkey to the other......... 4 hours.
Cloudless skies of blue,with an occasional white whisky cloud that neither shields the sun but just makes lacy patterns across the sky. The two weeks has been very very hot although at first the locals said it was cooling down towards the second week the temperature went up to around 46c. When we landed at Bristol it was 7c, we lost 40 degrees in four hours.
The picture above is the apartments which we stayed at. they were very nice and all the staff very friendly and helpful. We had a great rep Billy, the best rep I have ever had on a holiday. I have written a letter to the company giving prise where prise is due.
This was the pool at the apartments at night with the fountain going. Relaxing by the pool is oh so hard work, this pool with music all day some of it back to the 60's. It was nice to hear some of the old songs including a lot of the Beatles. The apartments were clean and we had the most wonderful cleaner who
one day did the most wonderful pattern on the bed with bougainvillea flowers, that was the day I was feeling really ill and she cheered me up. I was making some tatted Christmas stars and I gave her one when he left as a present with a tip. As you can see she made the bad look lovely and worth a picture. Everyday the sheet was put back on the bed as a fan. There are some more pictures of the apartment at the bottom of this piece.

Side pronounced See-day in the ancient language of Luwian meaning Pomegranate.
Side is a very large area of Antalya region of Turkey. The rep said we are one of the nearest apartments to the old town but its still 40 minute walk into the beginning of the old town and 10 Turkish lira by Taxi.
The old town is worth a visit on the outskirts between new Side and the old town is the Greco-Roman amphitheatre. This is the best amphitheatre there is outside Italy.
The shops in the old town our mainly jewellery, clothes, spices, Turkish delight, and restaurants. In the harbour pleasure boats take visitor's out on trips, at the bottom of the town is the Temple of Apollo ruins see picture above, when the sun sets in the harbour (see picture) the then rush abound to the Temple of Apollo ruins and catch the last of the dipping sun on the stones.
Turkey is a very colourful country, buildings are painted with shades of pink, yellow, or creams and browns. Lush green areas in the gardens and around the apartments and in the middle of dual carriageways palms, banana, oleander, hibiscus, bougainvillea, roses and various plants that we would have as pot plants in this country they grow with abundance.
Again like Icmeler we are not far from the mosque, there are several in Side, but like everything else these days they don't have one Emir per mosque. The Emir's are share several mosques, something like here with vicars having more than one church to look after. They are connected by radio therefore at pray time, you hear like a mobile phone noise, and then the call to pray. Its seems like they take it turn to call from different mosques. The call to pray is five times per day everyday of the week.
We did a trip to the Manavgat river, the water is the colour of green and at the end of the river it meets the sea and you can swim in the sea one side of the beach and then go over to the river and swim in the fresh water and have a swim to clean off the sea water. We had lunch on the boat before going back up river to Manavgat and seeing the weekly market - huge is the only word to describe the market and then to the Manavgat Falls these are Turkeys Niagara Falls see picture.
Its been a very restful holiday we have had some lovely meals at My Corner restaurant, we were looked after very well by Ali. Every meal started with flat bread, garlic mushrooms, garlic butter, sour cream dip and a tomato spicy one which I did not try. This was free before the meal and then with the bill finished off with a little something!!!!
We found the Turkish people very helpful and obliging but there driving left a lot to desire, the streets are wide, they have no idea what side of the road to drive, the buses are small, there are no bus stops everyone just puts their hand out and he stops, squeeze on, and then pass the money down to the driver who without stopping driving sorts out the change and its passed back.

This was the side street from the apartments, and yes it was as wide as its looks, the surface was tar and then chippings, but their chippings are more like rocks and very painful to walk on.

This was the road down to the restaurant on the corner at the end of this picture. Side streets in Turkey do not have names only numbers and only main roads have names.

Turkey is worth a visit, but the summers are very hot and the winters are cold.

Finally we saw this on the beach in the old town the ultimate luxury seating, I don't know how comfortable they are but they had their own table to go with the seats.......
I hope you have enjoyed reading about Turkey and our holiday.
I hope you will come back and visit my blog again when you are in blog land, the next blog will be on Tatting which I did on holiday.
In the meantime take care and keep well
Just a few more pictures of the apartments.......

Kids pool

The gardens



  1. I'm sorry to hear that both yourself and your mother have been unwell, I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks so much for your post about Turkey, I really enjoyed reading it! I've been to Marmaris quite a few times and have fallen in love with the place but haven't been back for a couple of years so it was nice to read of someone else's experiences. Marie x

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  3. Just love your post and the pictures on Turkey and I hope that you and your Mum feel better soon!

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    Clare x


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