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Saturday, 27 August 2011

I got third on the CD challenge plus update on op.

The weather is very changeable today and we started off with sunshine and blue skies, so Vernon put the washing out, only in a few hours its cloudy and looks like the rain that was forecasted.
I was amazed and very over the moon to find out this week my card pictured here from the Sunday CD challenge (14.8.11) won third place, its only the third time I had entered so I was not expecting to even get anywhere.
I thought I would let you know how I am after this op, it went well, although I am very sore and have to rest over the weekend, which is a pity because we were going to Oxford to see Vernon's Dad and that's been cancelled, being shaken around in the car over potholes etc would make my back more painful, so hopefully we will be able to go up next week or in a couple of weeks. I had to cancel my craft table today as I am not well enough to go and do it.
They took one centimeter of skin around the scar, and went down to the white fat layer, he was adding more local anaesthetic as he cut. I have stitches in inside and out, he has done a drawing for nurse when the stitches are due to be taken out so they taken out how he wants it.
he was discussed with the scar and how it was done. He has been getting quite a few people from my area, he knows the doctor who did it, he had two nurse in the room with him helping him, one suggested that he comes to Frome Hospital and teach them and the other one suggested that he invites the doctor to the clinic and show her how to stitch up. He said he spends two days in Cornwall he does not have time to go and teach them.
The Bristol Plastic Surgery Clinic is a lovely place, clean, very clean, the waiting room had newspapers to read and they were the days not several days old and new magazines from this week, no old torn and well thumbed copies. A coffee machine severing fresh coffee/tea. All in all a really nice experience and place to have an operation
The clinic is in Queens Square in the heart of Bristol, these pictures I took on my mobile, this is the statue in the middle of the square, see the sea gull on his head, he never moved even with people walking passed and taking photos of the Gorilla

These Gorillas are all over Bristol, painted in all sorts of designs, these will be collected at the end of the summer and then auctioned off for charity.
This one had words painted all over him. Some have been vandalised already and one was set of fire and destroyed he was re-placed only a few days after.

Well I am still sore, I cant bend, or stretch up, no exercising, have to lay on my side in bed, not allowed to carry any heavy items or lift anything. The stitches will be in for 14 days, and a month for the stitches in inside to dissolve. I will be able to do some knitting and tatting if nothing else. I think the housework will have to wait for a while, as I am under strict instructions to have a rest over the weekend, at least Vernon has an extra day at home this bank holiday weekend.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. until we meet again take care




  1. Hi Margaret. I am g;lad that everything went better for you this time and it sounds as though this guy was a much better option. As long as you don't overdo it I am sure you will be able to do a few more entries into CD Sunday - now that you have found us.
    All the best

  2. Heal up soon, Margaret! Have a nice rest. Tat!
    Fox : )

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Get well soon. Congrats on your prize int he CD challenge!!

  4. I'm glad the surgery is done and it was a much better experience. Take the doctor's advice and rest. All the more reason to tat, right?

  5. Hi Margaret
    Pleased all went well, it sounds a much better op than the last one. Just rest and then you can do some tatting in a few days, no use trying to do to much and un-doing the nice stitches lol

  6. It sounds like things went much better this time Margaret, make sure you do rest, and congratulations at making the top 3 at cd sunday.
    Kevin xx

  7. Congratulations on making 3rd place and I hope taht you will feel better soon!

  8. hiya margaret.so pleased the op is done and it sounds like this doctor was far better.huge congrats on your top 3 and take it easy.

    xx coops xx

  9. Awww Margaret, you are in the wars again my friend, I am sorry, hope this time it all works out well for you and you can get on with your life....sounds very sore, but at least this time you know he has done a good job....as for the H/W, sod it till your really well, it will wait for you, you know, still be there when your better hun...lol...now do as your told and take care.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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