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Friday, 19 August 2011

Tatted Booties


The sun is shining, and its a fine day after yesterday it rain all day, my washing is out on the line so hopefully it will dry.

Its Mother's birthday today, shes 89 today, when we got married we did a little birthday party for her 80th was only three days from our wedding.

Today I bring you the booties I was asked to make for a christening. This pattern is from Three-dimensional patterns, but I can't remember who wrote the book as I only have a copy of the pattern which I took when I borrowed the book years ago. OK I know the tatting police are now standing by to pounce but this copy was taken years and years ago possibly over twenty years ago, those who are members of "intatters" will know what I mean.

Each bootie takes 9 hours to tat, after Michelle worked out how long I timed myself and yes she is about right 9 hours is about right, the blue ones seem to drag on as the last one drove me up the wall and was nearly thrown across the room, all I did was mistakes the faster I tried to make it the worse it got, if it had been mine and not for someone else they would have gone into the garden.
They were both made with Lizbeth thread no 20 in white and the blue ones are Turquoise Twist.

These have not got the ribbon in as I don't know what colour she wanted so I have left it up to her to put in. In total 36 hours of work not bad to get them finished by the weekend seeing I was only asked for them at the end of last week.
I am sure you are looking at these flowers and saying .... Lovely, well yes they are but the perfume is driving me up the wall, I have already taken some percetamols for the headache which I am sure is down to them. I brought some end of last year and said never again, these were in bud (which is how you should buy flowers to enjoy the full benefits of them) and yes I did it again, they will be out in the garden bin soon, I have the windows open and still the perfume is too strong. Note to self don't buy them again.

Nearer the time next week I will tell you about the latest on the mole hole which is going to be re-operated on.

Will Kathy Niklewicz who left me a comment on my last piece, will you please contact me there is an e-mail button on my sidebar as I have some information on your question you asked.

I hope the weather is as nice with you as it is here, and you have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing, until we meet again in blog land take care




  1. The booties are so lovely!!! It looks a lot like MK's pattern too. I suppose there isn't too much to do to make them different. I'm glad you persevered with the blue because they really are wonderful. I wish I had thought of trying a variegated thread.

  2. Margaret, those booties are just out of this world, Oh if only I had little ones around right now I would be buying some from you...sooo beautiful....9hrs is alot of work girl...have a rest now, you earned it...lol..xxx

  3. Cute booties, Margaret!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom, now entering her 9th decade!
    Fox : )

  4. beautiful tatting as always, if the flowers are so annoyng put them near annoying neighbours!

  5. 9 hours! That's a lot of patience. My current handkerchief has taken around 50 hours, so maybe I'm being a hypocrite! Haha.

    Those are so adorable. I love tatted booties.


  6. Those booties are adorable Margaret, Happy birthday to your Mum.
    Kevin xx

  7. fabulous little booties, I love them, what a lot of work, but so worthwhile.
    I love lillies and buy some every week, I adore the perfume and stunning flowerhead.... Happy birthday Mum lol.

  8. Hi Margaret!

    These booties are adorable! I'm amazed how 'quickly' you made them!

    Just to let you know I've sent you an e-mail! I'm sitting at a car show here in Pittsburgh, PA. (We have a 1969 classic car and we take it to these shows all the time, where we sit by the car and talk to visitors. There will be 1,000 classic cars at the show this evening!). This is the first time I've used the internet away from home!

    I'll look forward to your response!

    Kathy N

  9. OMG these booties are awesome and well worth the effort hope they will be treasured

  10. oh wow margaret.your baby booties are so beautiful.you must have the patience of a saint :D
    i love lillies but do agree that the perfume is overpowering :D

    xx coops xx

  11. Hi Margaret. Just doing the rounds and found your bootees. They are GORGEOUS. People say to me - how have you the patience to do parchment - but what patience you need for these. I can so see how you got frustrated and then stubborness just sets in. They are beautiful.
    Re your Lilies - they are the worst for the heady perfume. My son bought a huge bouquet of them for my Birthday and I didn't think I was going to last out. I couldn't bear to throw them away but so nearly did.


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