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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Knitted Iced Doughnuts, plus 9/11


Well the sun is shining and its dry for now although there are some black clouds around, I have taken the opportunity to do the bedding, if it can stay dry just for a few hours then it will dry. The stitches are out, they hurt like hell when Beth from the Surgery did it, the surgeon had written a letter on how to take them out, she had never seen anything like it before. He had put a sticky plaster on the stitches I can tell you it was painful trying to get it off so she could cut the stitches. They were sewn in the middle, she had to cut the two middle stitches and then pull the thread from the end though the scar. I was hoping that I could move but no I have been told I still can't bend, stretch, exercise, drive, carry or lift for another two weeks while the dissoluble stitches heal. There I was thinking I could do some housework and get out and about. Vernon will have to do carry on, doing the things for me.
Today I bring you my knitted Doughnuts, I thought it would be a change from knitted cup cakes, they are not difficult to knit and sewn up in the middle of the ring, I used seed and bungle beads for decorations.

This pattern came from the book, Twenty to Make Knitted Cakes but Susan Penny.


Today is a sad day around the world, they were asking were you where on the day, I was at my

Mothers sitting on her settee knitting, waiting for the film to start on the television, when the

picture changed and all of sudden I was looking at the World Trade building burning and wondering if the film had started. Seeing another plane going into the other building and wonder what what going on and if it was a terrorist attack.

Then they were talking about Washington, and that a plane had hit the white house and then it was some where else, then they said the Pentagon. At that split second I knew Lou was in the Pentagon, my heart jumped. Lou is my American Penfriend and at that time was stationed in the Pentagon. I phoned her that evening Steve (her husband) said she was OK but he did not know when she would be home. Her story of the day was she watching the television in her boss's office watching New York, when a clown (her words not mine) said behind her that they would never hit the Pentagon, with that there was a bang and the building shook. Someone came running though the office and shouted everyone out, she picked up her cell phone (mobile phone) and run. She was in the next section to where the plane hit.

We have meet when she was over here on business, and she was coming over for our wedding but they cancelled her leave. She is now stationed in Nebraska, hopefully one day we will meet again.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, and the weather is not too bad, we are in for some rough weather coming over the Atlantic and the remains of this hurricane, they say it will be no longer a hurricane but I have heard that before, I still remember the hurricane we had in October 1997.

In the meantime stay safe and take care.




  1. Your knitted doughnuts are brilliant Margaret, I was in hospital having an op when the towers where hit, and didn't know it had happened until the evening. sad day !
    Kevin xx

  2. pleased the stitches are out, why rush and panic for another couple of weeks, let Vernon do the important things and leave the rest.... will still be there next year lol!! The week ahead is not as bad as first forecast
    Love your doughnuts lol

  3. Ooooooh those doughnuts look really delicious, love them!

  4. That's pretty amazing that you would know someone who worked at the Pentagon! Her story is scary. I'm glad you were able to meet at least once.

    Back then (age 57) I was at home (near Pittsburgh, PA) watching TV, and sat frozen in my chair all morning in total disbelief, and was astounded about the one that crashed in Pennsylvania. When I finally thought it was 'safe' to go out for groceries, I couldn't concentrate, and I remember it was so quiet in the store. DH was in charge of security at his building, and everyone took it much more seriously from then on.

    Those doughnuts sure look real! Very clever!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Those doughnuts are just too cute!


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