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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ruffle Scarfs

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, although at the present moment the sun is shining, there are some black clouds around, its not cold but not as warm as it has been. Looking at the weather forecast for this coming week, rain seems to be the thing.
I found this lovely wool in the wool shop in Shepton Mallet, I just could not resist trying it, Mike said they are selling well on the Internet, so these two scarfs are now in my esty store.
It does not take long to knit and on size 8mm a ball is soon becomes a scarf. The wool is called Tivoli and is made in Turkey.
This is purple and pinky violet although Vernon says is light purple, he is no good at colours!

This is a multi coloured one slightly shorter, it has six colours in the ball, still in the same wool,
I have another three balls to knit up in different colours, one is black and white, on in blue, and a bright red so far I have not made one for myself as yet I am seeing how they work out before deciding which one to have. I am sure when my grand daughter Bethany and Melissa see them they will be disappearing.
I can't wait to get the stitches out on Friday although it will be at least another two weeks before the dissoluble ones have gone. I get fed up with myself as I cant bend, carry, lift, stretch, exercise and Vernon is having to do most things for me. As I dropsy, and drop things very easily, its usually the small things that drop the most, I will one day have to have my carpol tunnel done on both hands, but at the moment they have to stay on the floor until Vernon gets home. He's had a variety of items from beads, knitting needles, pens, thread, wool, scissors, tatting shuttles and hooks. I made Fox laugh the other day as she was having a dropsy week and I left a comment for her about my week so far, I am glad Fox had a laugh, thanks Fox for the lovely comment you left on my blog.
I hope to bring you some more new items during the week, and I hope you like my new scarfs.
Until we meet again, take care


  1. Good Afternoon Margaret. What pretty scarves and I love the colours. The first one is a very close match to the colour of the outfit I am wearing later this month to my nephews Wedding.
    It is pouring with very heavy rain here. It started about 20 mins ago. You can't hear yourself think in the Conservatory.
    Good luck with the stitch snipping on Friday.

  2. these are gorgeous margaret.i love the rainbow colours of the wool.
    not long now for the outside stitches to come out and then hopefully the internal ones will soon dissolve.
    take it easy ;D

    xx coops xx

  3. These are gorgeous Margaret, I like the colours of both, hopefully when you get your stitches out, you will start to feel alot better.
    Kevin xx

  4. so gorgeous - love the colours - good luck when the stitching comes out


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