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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hi I'm back

Vernon and I spent a few days away, as usual we go away in March up to Sheffield, the reason is known only to family and very close friends. This year the weather was perfect, real spring days in fact it was so warm we were walking around in just our tops with no coat or cardigans. There were crocuses out in flower, daffodils coming out by the roadside, the sun was shining, I really beautiful few days.
I do have what I call some retail therapy in Meadow Hall, which is just outside of Sheffield. If you have never been to Meadow Hall all I can say is its big, There is every store there you can think of and more, its so big we still have not seen it all. The pictures I took are from House of Frazer in Meadow Hall, all I can say hes been there so long peddling, hes lost a lot of weight? When I saw him I had to get a picture he look so funny, hope you enjoy the pictures.
On Friday we went into Worksop, we usually stay at the Travel Lodge just outside Worksop, why its cheaper than staying in Sheffield and its only 15 miles out of Sheffield. I have never seen such a large market in this country before, Worksop has a long pedestrian shopping center and the market went from one end to the other.
Then we had a drive though the countryside and had a look at a village which I had a cousin lived in, I had never seen her, she saw me when I was three weeks old, when she died some years ago her son wrote to me to tell me she had died. In the letter he said she had fond memories of me, funny I had never meet her, anyway we went and had drive to see this village where she lived, Charlton in Limerick, very pretty little village, they had a post office, fish and chip shop, pub and restaurant and what looked a gorgeous church. I did not get to look at the church, her husband was once the vicar there. On our travels we passed a wood, with a gate, well lets put it this way there was no fence, wall, or hedge, just this gate standing proud by the roadside. It just looked a bit odd why bother to open a gate when you could walk either side of it.
Today the weather has changed, its windy and cold, this morning we had rain, then sleet with some snow and now the sun is shining. Not the sort of day to go out, but my washing machine packed up before we went away, so we went and brought a new one, delivery is Thursday, I am hoping for a few fine days to catch up on the washing when it comes.
If you were wondering what I did I had another go at my knitted cloth, its been sitting on the floor by my settee for months, so as Vernon drove I knitted, I worked out that I have 1,152 stitches, not many, I did 5 rounds going up and I was on my third coming back when disaster struck, the needle broke, they are old and have been used a lot, but the plastic end of the round broke off, spilling stitches, luckily there was a lay by so Vernon stopped while I tried to pick up and sort out the stitches. Last night I got out another round needle and transferred the stitches on to it. I hope I have not lost any, tonight I will finish the round and try and do another to check its OK. I also designed two pairs of earrings in tatting, and knitted another square for mothers blanket, I just have to knit another white one and do the edging for it. I will show you the blanket and the cloth when they are finished. The cloth will be going into my Esty store.
I hope you are OK and the world is treating you OK, I was given an award for my blog while I was away from Carol, thank you Carol, I will put it on my blog another day and find five blogs that are worthy of passing the award onto.
In the meantime, take care until we meet again


  1. Mr Blogger must like you lol......It sounds as if you both had a wonderful time on your away days.... sounds like you packed a lot into them, hope the knitting is all present and correct

  2. Lovely chatty post. Won't somebody feed the cyclist? Glad you had a good trip.

  3. great pics margaret.i would of loved to have been a window dresser.so pleased you had great weather too, not been sheffield for a while, thats where my best friend lives.

    xx coops xx

  4. lovely post and beautiful picture

  5. Glad you enjoyed your time away.My husband is Sheffield born n bred,we know Meadow Hall very well lol.Hugs xxx


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