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Friday, 16 March 2012

I am a Lhasa Apso Lover

Another dull day, I think we have only seen the sun once or twice in the last week in Somerset.
I have been over the moon all week, I am a Lhasa Apso lover, what you say, whats an Lhasa Apso, well its a breed of dog.
It was a Lhasa Apso who won Crufts last weekend, she won the top prize as best in show, its years since a Lhasa Apso has won crufts.
I have had four of them, first it was Happy she was black and white, her show name was Happiness. We then got Lucy she was cream and beige. Then we had Shona, her show name was Shoolin and she was black and white, and finally Avanti (who turned into Mothers dog) which in Italian means forward or come in, she was all black with a touch of white down her front.
Lhasa Apsos come from Tibet and they are the only dogs to be allowed into a Tibetan Monasteries and were kept by the Dalai Lama the hereditary ruler of Tibet. It is believed that the souls of the monks when they die going into these dogs, they are very well respected and prized. A lot of people cut their cuts short but really they should be left long and flowing, their hair is the nearest dogs hair to humans. I never brought dog shampoo for them I used what I had my hair, it was far better than any shampoo made for a dog and kept their coats in better condition. They make wonderful guard dogs, and they hear things long before some of the breeds for guarding. They are lovely dogs and very loving, if you don't feel like going for a walk they are kept happy to stay at home with their master.
When we saw her on breakfast television on Tuesday morning I told Vernon that if we get a dog, I am having another Lhasa Apso.
When I moved in with Vernon before we got married 10 years ago, I had a dog called Haie she had a french name meaning fence or hedge (she was a Belgium Griffon) at that time I was unable to get a Lhasa Apso so I settled for a Belgium Griffon. She unfortunately died within four weeks of us moving in, Vernon did not want another dog then but I told her then if anything happen to him, he would walk out one door and a dog would walk in another.
Shortly after she died Mother lost Avanti, and when she went back to the kennels for a replacement they only had two sisters who turned out to be from Haie's last litter, Gertie and Gussie.
We did say when we retired we would have a dog, its going to be Lhasa Apso.
The card above has an image of a Lhasa Apso, I did not colour it in as I felt it was better in black and white, I brought the Digi image from Imag-e-nation.
I am a bit late with this post I was going to write this a couple of days ago, I hope you have enjoyed my piece on my favorite bred of dog.
I hope you have a lovely weekend. until we meet again take care


  1. What a fab card Margaret ..... I love Lhasa Apso's too, Mums dog Pippy was the sweetest softest dog ever, they are a fabulous breed .
    Hugs Elaine

  2. what a lovely story about your dogs, maybe one day--- you will have another

  3. Lovely story about the dogs, and I hope you will get one soon, your card is gorgeous.
    Kevin xx

  4. Well I found all that very informative Margaret, I do like these dogs and Carla wanted one a while back, but Mia is allergic to many animals, so best left for now at least..

    I love the image on your card and think you did right in not colouring..

    Do hope you get another one at some point, if you love something that much, then why not..xx

  5. Oh, yes! The beloved Lhasa Apso - My mom and dad had Toshti for over 16 years! A wonderful little soul was she. Great breed.
    Fox ; )

    Gian says the breed...pardon his language...sucks.
    Fox : )

  6. so stunning margaret.the image is gorgeous,:D

    xx coops xx


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