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Monday, 16 July 2012

Blogging problems


What problem you may ask,  but yesterday I had real problems with blogger,  after lunch I went to put a post on my blog and there facing me was a message to say Warning something or someone had infected my blog.   After a few choice words,   I found somewhere deep in the mechanics of the blog a page that tells you what is wrong,   nothing - no issues.  Hang on how can there be no issues when you wont let me view my own blog.
I went deeper into the mechanics of the blog now I am in what I can only describe as "no understandable" there is a page that you can clean a blog on,   don't ask any questions because it was beyond me but when I tired to clean the blog it says -  no issues.
I did manage to write my piece on the earrings even if I could not view my blog it accepted it.   I did later in the evening on my Ipad,  oh the joys of an Ipad manage to view my blog and the post was on it with a comment from Ginny so she had managed to get on,  thank you Ginny for the comment.
Jane sent me a conversation via Esty thank you Jane,  and I have had another from her just before lunch today saying she could view my blog.   Thank you Jane for letting me know.
If you had problems with my blog yesterday I can only say I am sorry but I did everything in my powers to sort it even sent a note to blogger not that they have replied to it.   I did change my password and they sent me an e-mail telling someone had changed it,  yes blogger it was me.
I think blogger must think we are robots with the word versification nonsense and now its numbers as well. Please Mr blogger I am not a robot just a woman who is getting fed with your letters and numbers.   My Ipad love it, NOT  because it keeps changing the letters into words.
I am fed up with spammers I had trouble with my e-mail just over a week ago and BT had a mouthful but hopefully that's sorted.  The trouble with BT you talk to India,  and then you have to explain more to them as they dont understand.   Oh the joys of a computer.
So if you are a spanner go and find someone else to play with.
Its been raining all day today I feel sorry for the Olympic competitors coming to the UK please remember to bring an umbrella you will get wet.
Have a nice day,  end of rant.


  1. Hello Margaret
    I could not get on your blog yesterday..... glad you are back now, the earrings are so pretty, love them
    still raining here as well, and of course, it is St Swithens day today!!! O Joy!

  2. I was the same I couldnt get on your blog yesterday glad it is sorted out now.
    Kevin xx

  3. Hi Margaret, I am sorry about your blogging frustrations and sorry that I am unable to help but I did visit your blog yesterday and it was as per normal. No problems there.

  4. i had no problems getting on your blog either margaret.glad you can now view your own blog.

    xx coops xx

  5. Oh Margaret you do sound at the end of your wits with all this....I think there is nothing worse, it can drive you mad trying to sort and I always feel so alone with it, you need a degree in tech to sort most of it.....well at least your here now, lets hope thats the end of it.....I love the Earrings below this post, they are so pretty, just can't get to say so...sorry hun.xxxx

  6. Brilliant idea to make your stencil out of tape. I will try to remember this one. I think I will star it in reader. I say make a tray too. I can picture it as one with little feet and handles. So cute. Your blog is lovely and quite worth reading. Social media is truly creating a level playing field for all where
    the cream will rise to the top.


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