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Friday, 27 July 2012

I did it..............

Its a beautiful evening here in Somerset,  and a little cooler than the last few days,  not complaining long may this weather continue.   Today on various blogs there have been practising shuttle rings entwined,    well I managed it,  this is my first attempt and I cant believe I did it first time,   I watched the video several times before putting thread and shuttle together,   its not finished and one of the rings is not perfect and I still have the last ring to do but I thought I would share with you my attempt.  To view the video link here  Also the link to Joelle's blog   and  Jon her blog  they before having been playing with this pattern. The video was made by Karen Cabrera and is a really good video to watch.   Anyway this is eureka moment today,   I did not think I would be able to it and already I have a couple of ideas,  I will share them with you when I have perfected them.
These are my orchids,  I love orchids,   when we went on holiday in May they were in bud,  when we came home at the end of may they were beginning to come out,   I took this picture today and they are still out,  so they have been out for two months and look like they will be in bloom for a few more weeks.   I just thought I would share them with you,  hope you like them.
Tonight is the big show,   the opening of the Olympics I hope you enjoy the show and the Olympics.    They show American television and how they are reporting on the Olympics this morning on Breakfast Television.  I thought our television stations were full on but it seems so is America.
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  1. Your interlocking rings are looking good, Margaret!!! Can't wait to see the finished piece ;-)

  2. Looks like you've got it too! Hurray!

  3. The rings are great and the Orchids are lovely!

  4. Beautiful orchids and congrats on your interlocking rings! yay!

  5. Well done! It's great to learn a new technique. I do plan to try the interlocking rings. I tried to watch the video, but it turns out that videos don't work well here, so I'm hoping someone is going to give some written instructions?

  6. Beautiful work Orchids are lovely!


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