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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Calorie Free Knitted Heart Cakes


Well we have not floated away yet,   I just wish it would stop raining,  here in the West Country yesterday they had severe flooding in parts of Devon, Somerset and Dorset,  we were for the first time on red alert.
If we flooded the majority of the UK would be under water as I live high up in the Mendip Hills.

 I dont have much to bring you as I am working on some tatting but I cant show you yet,  anyway this is some new knitted cakes I made in some different colours for a change.
These look purple but they are a very dark maroon and a maroon and white mixture wool for the top with a ribbon rose
The bottom picture are white with a purple mixture wool for the top and a purple ribbon rose.
I made the ribbon roses from ribbon I had,  they are easy to do these are sewn but the same way can be done on a wire. Would anyone like me to show you how to on my pattern blog?
The top picture shows you the original ones I made with the dark red wool and pink mixture wool and a pink ribbon rose.
I really love these cakes and I thought it was time to try some different colours,   they are for sale in my Esty shop,  there is a link in the sidebar.

Vernon and I are both suffering,  my knee is still no better,  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow see what she is going to do,  and now I have a cold,  no wonder with the weather we are having at the moment.  Vernon had a fall and has pulled a few muscles plus he landed on his shoulder so that's playing up again,  we got it better when we went to Crete but carrying the cases up the steps pulled it about,  and now with the fall looks as if he will have to more treatment on it again.
I hope F1 has a dry race today,  what a mess up yesterday when the second session of the qualifying was stopped for the heavy rain,  if you did not see it no way would I want to drive a car let alone a formula one car in it.  The grass car parks are so wet they cant be used but I hope they can get everyone into the hard base car parks which they are going to try to do.  Our local boy Jensen Button is 18th and Lewis Hamilton is 8th, so come on boys lets have a British win.  I am not a Tennis fan but it would be nice for Murray to win at Wimbledon.   Our TV will be on the F1.
I hope you have a nice dry day and until we meet again stay dry or if you are in the US stay cool,  please could you send a little heat and dry weather over the pond.
Take Care


  1. These are brilliant Margaret. Happy crafting Ginny ♥

  2. These are brilliant calorie free cakes. Caroline xxx

  3. These are fabulous Margaret, and will make nice gifts.
    Kevin xx

  4. What great little cakes Margaret - so sweet.

    A huge thank you to you too for the comments you leave for me on my blog - you always pop over and say 'Hi' and I am such a bad blogger as I hardly ever pop over to pay you a visit! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support :)

    Carol x

  5. Hi Margaret! Those cakes look really yummy and thanks for the wonderful comment that you left on my blog.
    Hugs Margaretha

  6. How cute are these, they look good enough to eat! Michelle x

  7. oh these are gorgeous margaret.the look good enough to eat.
    i hope you are both feeling better soon.

    xx coops xx

  8. How lovely!
    They are really gorgeous and seem to be very sweet.
    And I thank you for your comments on my blog, they made me so happy :)

  9. missed your posts being busy with Mums birthday....... I LOVE these little cakes, they are so sweet. If you flood, I will drown because I can't swim lol, hope you are both feeling better soon


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