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Monday, 4 February 2013

Miracles do happen......


I am sorry but I have nothing to share with you but I have a little true story to share with you.

On the 14th January, as we rushed back to Oxford, I asked my husband Vernon how much the card was to send to my penfriend in the US.   Lou is at present stationed in Nebraska,   we have been penfriend's since 1997,  when she was in the Pentagon,  then she went to Guam, back to the Pentagon, then to Florida, onto Seattle,  Pentagon and now Nebraska, yes she moves about. She was even in the Pentagon when the plane hit on 9/11,  she was unhurt but she had to ran for her life with the thousands of other staff working in there.  We have meet once before we got married and she was coming over for our wedding but her leave was cancelled.    I hope one day we will meet up again, but until then we will just have to email and use snail mail. Oh and she is a tatter,  I have a lovely bookmark she made me some years ago.
I digress,  It was her birthday in January and I gave Vernon the card with an airmail sticker to post.
So in the car back to Oxford I asked how much,   the reply was "I stuck it in the postbox",  but it had no stamp,   with everything on our minds it had not registered to take it to the post office.     Well I sent an email saying there is card on its way,  but.   We thought the card would not get very far, I had forgotten to put the sender on the back, so this card really was not going anyway but the Royal Mail bin or would cost an arm and leg when Lou got it,  I might add I had said I would pay her whatever it cost if it got to her.
Last week we had an email from Lou,  to say thank you for the card,  it went though two international post offices,  two continents,  and flown across the pond,  how much did she pay................NOTHING, yes I did say nothing.  How many post office man/women handled the card we don't know but no one noticed there was not a stamp on it.  See miracles do happen occasionally.
Have a nice day.
I hope to have something to show you soon, I have over the weekend picked up my shuttles and doing the Mayan Exchange item, yes well I scrapped the one I had worked on and started again, I hope I meet the deadline for posting.  The Tat along mat is at a stand still,  I have opened my Esty store today and added a couple of new items into it.  We are slowly getting back into normal life.   I did manage a craft table last Saturday although I did not feel up to it,   I had a good day and came away with a couple of orders.  Which I will share with you when they have received them.


  1. Small little miracles can make large smiles. ;-D Glad that you are getting back into your tatting.

  2. A really amazing story, both the postal one and your story of friendship! So glad the special card got there! I'm also impressed that you were able to set up you're craft table. You've had a rough couple of weeks, not to mention year. And you've been keeping up with Jane's TIAS! I think it's becoming more clear now!

  3. Sorry Kathy, although I have looked at it I have not started it yet, I did print out the pattern days today.

  4. What a lovely story Margaret, it sure makes a change
    Kevin xx

  5. I now see that although you mentioned the TIAS, you had not started it yet, and that's certainly understandable! Jane sure has been working hard to let us see the progress from everyone who is working on it! I'm sure when you do tat it, it won't take long! I have simply been watching everyone's progress and enjoying all the clever artwork and guesses about what it is. It won't be long before we see the final design!

  6. A friend of mine once posted a cheque which was meant to be deposited at the bank. Of course she never saw the cheque again. So glad your friend got her card.

  7. Good morning Margaret great story Ginny X

  8. pleased you are setting down after all your problems, what a lovely story, yes there are miracals in every day life if we take the time to look and listen

    1. What a great story, Margaret; thanks for that. Hope you feel more energetic soon.
      Fox and Mr G

  9. I am happy to say my card reached me on time and in tact....thankyou...lol....
    What a lovely story Margaret, glad it worked out well for you....Thanks again for my gorgeous card..xxx

    1. You are very welcome, I hope you have a lovely day.


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