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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Art at the Hospital - Drawn to Textiles

We had a visit to the Royal United hospital in Bath last week and while I was waiting for Vernon I had a look at the art which they had on display,   These pictures were taken with my new mobile so they are not perfect. Unfortunately the lights have not done the pictures much good.  so I hope you can see them OK.
The pictures are really well made with thousands of pinned sequins on what looked like calico fabric.

 This one I liked not sure what it is, 

Below is the piece written about the show which I thought I would take so I could not forget about it.

Hope you enjoyed these pieces of art.


  1. hope all went well at the hospital, not to sure about the art work myself.......... hope the Easter bunny has brought you something nice for tomorrow lol

  2. Hospital waits can be long and I think this is something to look at while you wait. I hope it was not too long a wait for you. Happy Easter Margaret.


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