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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Having a blue moment, 2/25 Motif challenge

What a horrible day,  its been raining all day with high winds and it looks set to rain for the next few days, the floods will back soon at this rate, Where is spring certainly not looking like its going to appear for a while yet. Not that parts of Somerset have got rid of the flood water, yes it still flooded on the Somerset levels and has been since before Christmas,  farmers are worried  their fields now are so bad and the grass being so ruined it will takes years for the grass to get back to normal.  In the meantime their livestock are suffering,  and some farmers have sold some of the animals to pay to feed the rest of the livestock. There seems no end in sight,  with this horrible weather with snow in the north and rain down here the UK is not having a good time weather wise.
This is what I tatted while waiting for Vernon last friday in the Royal United Hospital,  they said an hour and half,  I sat in the the cafe and finished the bookmark,(Floral Bookmark by Kersti) (the tail I did at home)   I then had a walk around the wall art (another post in a couple of days with photos I took)  I then went back to the waiting room to wait for him, I made two butterflies (Mary Knoiors pattern) they take me just under an hour to tat,  I have done so many I know the pattern off by heart,   and then to finish up the thread I had left on my shuttles two mini butterflies.  .

I did these three hearts the other day,   two small tatted hearts by Betsy Evans and the larger one is butterfly heart by Irene Woo
All were tatted in Lizbeth no 20 Peacock Blues.

To finish up the thread on the shuttles I made again the Butterfly Heart by Irene Woo and a mini butterfly, this is Lizbeth thread No 20 Sea Island Citrus, now I have re-wind the shuttles with continuous thread so I can start the tat along mat and get my head back on finishing the row I messed up on.

I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again Take care.


  1. wow Margaret, you have been busy.........
    I just love the butterflies, so pretty in blue, and what a gorgeous book mark, at least you were occupied while waiting at the hospital.
    Hope your weather gets better soon

  2. Lots of little pretties. Makes one wonder what folks do in waiting rooms with no tatting!
    Fox : )

  3. These look gorgeous Margaret. Wonderful work. What patience.

  4. These are all gorgeous Margaret, I like the wonderful blues.
    Kevin xx

  5. I truly admire your perseverance through so many difficult personal events AND the horrible weather. That has to be so sad for all those farmers - a huge crisis. Your tatting and card making have helped you keep your spirits up, and I'm so glad you can share them with us. You're making so many pretty things! These are all lovely. I especially admire those butterflies by Mary Konior.

  6. Ooh you steed clever wish i could do this loving the colour

  7. Beautiful tatting in blue. Love the mk butterfly. Hope the weather bring you some cheer soon!

  8. Hoi Margaret
    Du machst super schöne Sachen mein gorsses
    Kompliment dafür

    LG Irene CH


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