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Monday, 1 April 2013

International Tatting Day - 1.4.2013


It might be April Fools Day (and the weather still feels like winter) but its International Tatting Day.  I am often asked it is just in this country to which I reply NO,    I can simply say tatting is world wide,   on all five continents, from Europe to South America  Africa, North America, Asia and Australasia    Whatever language is spoken tatting is universal,  all that is needed is a drawing of a pattern,  is enough to tat.
I found this little mat the other day,  I have no idea when I made it,   its from the book Tatting with visual Patterns by Mary Konior and its called flower piece,   there is another round,  for this one I know I used dark blue no 60 as I still have some left,   and  I think it was by Coats  I am afraid these days no 60 would be a little too small for my eyes,  my eyes must be needing stronger glasses must be my age!

As promised her is the tat along mat by Renulek (Intatters) in Sea Island Citrus Lizbeth no 20,  by the time you see this I should have finished this round and might have started the next.   Its taken a couple of months to get back to normal and start it again after my cock up and having to cut out a bit,  but its now my mojo seems to be back and its firmly on the way to being finished,   hopefully..

For more information on tatting click on the intatters badge in my sidebar or on the link for leaning tatting by Marilee  (Craftsy)  

I hope you are having a lovely Easter,  keeping warm,  they say we have this cold weather possibly until the end of April,   With the clocks going forward yesterday into British Summertime, all I can say is its going to be a long time before we see summer.
                                Take care


  1. Happy International Tatting Day to you as well!

  2. Your Mary Konior piece is quite lovely! I'd say your mojo is back! That honey napkin is stunning! Happy International Tatting Day!

  3. Happy International Tatting Day! Your tat-along mat looks wonderful!

  4. What beautiful colours Margaret, it is a very pretty pattern, I hope you have enjoyed your Easter and at least we saw the sun, even though it was not warm enough to sit in lol

  5. I am doing the exact Doily from Mary Konior.... It's lovely!

  6. Happy International Tatting day Margaret, I like the dark blue, the pattern is lovely, and I look forward to seeing the sea island citrus finished.
    Kevin xx

  7. Both doilies are very beautiful!! :)

  8. Hi Margaret,
    The tattings are just beautiful, as is all your work....

    Do hope your feeling a little better and things are soon sorted for you...will let you know how I go on at my scan....stay warm, hugs Janette.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Margaret,
    The Renulek doily is looking good! She has just added the next round on her blog, so it is a good thing you have picked it up again.

    I like the colours you have chosen.

    Hope you are doing well and that it is getting warmer in your corner of Tat-Land.
    Fox : )


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