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Friday, 26 April 2013

12 Snowflakes 2/25

I was asked to make 12 snowflakes like last week,  she chose the pattern she wanted which was an old pattern from Anna Magazine December 1991 number 39.  I have adjusted the pattern slightly,  which I find works better.   I have put a close up at the top,  she had the first five last weekend and the other seven pictured below are on there way.
I think she thinks I have a machine,  my fingers were a little sore trying to tat them quickly,  which proves I know I need the tunnels on my wrists doing one day.  I have been putting it off, perhaps when I retire.  Now I can go back to the tat along mat and finish off a couple of pairs of earrings,  which I will show you another day.
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  1. That's such a pretty snowflake pattern! I admire your willingness to take on an order like that. I'm not sure I'd be up to the challenge. I tend to tat what I feel like tatting, and I seem to lose interest when I'm trying to meet someone else's goals!

  2. These snowflakes are beautiful Margaret!!
    Kevin xx

  3. Those are pretty. and all the same pattern. I have finished half of the dozen I was commissioned. All are different patterns.

    1. She wanted them all the same, this is the second commission from her, the last one was for six so it was not too bad, but 12 to make ASAP was a bit challenging especially when I had flu well getting over it now.

  4. what a busy lady you have been lol. they are beautiful, when you retire there is tome for nothing lol.........

  5. Very beautiful snowflakes!! :)


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