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Friday, 28 June 2013

Thank You

I want to say thank you to whoever sent me this lovely book,  it arrived yesterday from a book company with nothing on it as to who ordered it or arranged for it to be sent.   So thank you I really love the book and the gorgeous patterns which I will be looking forward to tatting,  I will post my efforts when I have done some.
 I am behind with blogging but I want to show this beautiful pendant which I won from Wendy, it arrived last week from Singapore.   It is totally gorgeous and the tatting is beautiful,   so thank you Wendy I will wear it with pride.
Thank you Wendy.

This weekend is Glastonbury,  so here we again roads clogged with festival goers, its been raining of course would not be glastonbury without some rain,  it's now a muddy, and cold hopefully it will warm up over the weekend.   Hope they all remembered the wellies.  This year there is  200,000 visitors, plus day visitors, 300 stalls selling food around the clock, a glam tent for those who want to hire a hairdryer,   a childrens area for the kids to play.  a meditation area,  you name it its there,  the whole area is the size of Bath.  A sea of every colour tent there is on the market and every shape.  The Rolling Stones are making an appearance for the first time, tomorrow.    I have never been and I will never go to Glastonbury which by the way is 6 miles from Glastonbury in the village of Pilton,  roll on Monday when they all leave total chaos on the roads,  and for the nearest station in Castle Cary (I used to live there) they have an average of 100 people per day,  will be inundated with thousands of people wanting to leave at the same time.  After all these years they have coaches to the railway station when they will be escorted onto the trains. 
Have a lovely weekend,  and until we meet again take care.


  1. Isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail? I love that book, and I'm sure you will also!

  2. I've heard so much about the big Music Festival - it sounds wonderful, but also very muddy!

  3. You are most welcome Margaret! The pendant can also hang with a pin on your blouse, scarf or bag. Enjoy!! I remembered you when they started talking about Glastonbury on TV.

  4. what a nice surprise to recievie your book, and the pendant is beautiful.
    Go on.... get your wellies on and go and see Mick and the lads,lol.........the sun has come out here this morning!

  5. Lovely gifts you've been getting in the post! Apparently there is to be a programme about Glastonbury on our TV tonight, not sure if I'll watch it. Won't have to contend with mud anyway.

  6. What a great surprise to get a tatting book. Your pendant is beautiful. I also received a pendant from Wendy and love it. Have worn it several times. The Glastonbury festival sounds like a hassle. I would stay home and tat an Iris Neibach doily if I were you. : )


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